2021 Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas

2021 Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas

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Stable and Innovative Beauty Supply Chain Solutions from China for Global Buyers in Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas

Stable and Innovative Beauty Supply Chain Solutions from China for Global Buyers in Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas

In beauty industry, stable and efficient manufacturing process of Chinese suppliers has been highly appreciated by insiders around the world. However, Covide-19 pandemic disrupts the current international communication. Considering such situation, Beauty Sourcing works to offer new supply chain solutions to global buyers.


This one-stop platform, built on its online-to-offline strengths and global beauty trade network, seeks to give buyers perfect sensual experience offline while facilitating their efficient trade talks online.


This August, Beauty Sourcing will work with its partners to bring about a series of personal care packaging solutions originating from China.


Now, let’s see what specific solutions Beauty Sourcing has to offer in the Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas.


Pumps and Trigger Sprayers

Pumps and trigger sprayers are dispensable consumables for personal care products. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, demands for pumps and sprayers have been on the rise. North America, the main consumer market for pumps and trigger sprayers, is expected to experience an increase of 5.7% in compound annual rate of growth by 2030.


In the Cosmoprof, Beauty Sourcing invites three Chinese suppliers that offer one-stop, green solutions to pump and trigger sprayer supply. 

● Yuyao Blooming

It is a specialized pump and cap supplier that is certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and BSCI.


It offers: 
☆ Easy press colorful PP foam dispenser pump with 25% PCR

☆ 25% PCR mono-material trigger sprayer without metal spring


The 25% PCR means at least 25% of the plastic packaging on average can be recycled after use. This shows the eco-consciousness.

●  Ningbo Greenyard Sprayer

A biodegradable and recyclable solution provider. Ningbo Greenyard Sprayer is certified with FDA, DIN Certification, REACH, and ISO 9001:2008.


It offers: 
☆ Mono-material colorful lotion pump with PP spring

☆ All plastic ribbed skirt colorful mist fingertip sprayer with clear overcap
☆ Eco-friendly mono-material airless pump with PP spring


All its materials come from PP or 30% + PCR. 

●   Ningbo Somewang Packaging

This is an one-stop packaging solutions providers.  It excels in manufacturing mono-material  and sustainable PCR pumps.


Its featured products that will make their debut in Las Vegas include:
 Mono-material lotion pump without metal spring

☆ Sustainable PCR lotion pump with external spring and colorful bottle
☆ PCR flower-shaped refillable bottles with foam pump


These three packaging suppliers based in China resort to homogenous material and PCR plastic for eco-friendly purposes. As recycling can never deal with mixed materials, mono-material personal care packaging can be recycled. 25% - 30% more PCR helps cut carbon emission.

Perfume Mist Spayer Pump

Perfume packaging is strict with dispensed amount of perfume liquid and anti-leakage design. As a major perfume mist sprayer pump manufacturer in China, Shenzhen Sanyuan Medicine Packaging Co., Ltd. brings about its own innovative solutions:

●  Aluminum crimp-on dispensing pump

Such pump made from totally recycled material can be equipped with multiple actuator shapes. 

●  Easy closure multiple actuator shapes aluminum crimpless spray pump

This packaging is recycle. It ensures the fine dispensing of fragrances. Multiple actuator shapes offer buyers diversified options. 
●  Aluminum smooth glossy collar neck closure

Recycle material gives a sense of eco-friendliness. Smooth and glossy collar neck closure conveys a elegant and luxury visual effect.

Color Cosmetics Packaging

●  Hygiene

As there is a growing need for hygiene since the outbreak of COVID-19, touchless makeup solutions prevail.  


Guangdong Kelmien Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd., a China-based firm specializing in developing and manufacturing quality cosmetic packaging, has offered its hygienic  solutions.


Here is a touchless foundation bottle manufactured by Kelmien Plastic. This ABS bottle is equipped with soft sponge built onto the top of the bottle. The sponge is delicate and elastic, enabling customer to apply the foundation perfectly.


Importantly, the sponge applicator can be detachable and cleaned easily. Thus, the hands-free design meets customers’ antibacterial demands.

●  Digital Embellishments

This is a new trend that improves the customers’ engagement. Digital embossment conveys a strong sense of luxury.


Kelmien has developed a heart shape lipstick tube made of ABS. The tube is equipped with embossed packaging. The matte finish  surface conveys a simple but luxury texture.


The embossed packaging makes images stand out visual and physical alike. Meanwhile, it impresses customers with memorable touch point.

●  100% Recycle Materials

Beauty packaging is an important issue in its course for sustainability. Today, Clean Beauty is not only about the ingredients. It also relates to the eco-friendly packaging. Sustainability means the packaging materials must be recycle. Aluminum and bio-materials are good choices.

Ningbo Passen Pack Products Co., Ltd. will show its environmental-friendly packaging supply services in Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas. Passen Pack is a firm dedicated to producing aluminum packaging products, such as, aluminum bottles and aluminum jars, etc.


Renewable Passen-aluminum jars and aluminum soft tubes are its featured products. The aluminum packaging can be 100% recycled, reducing the environmental footprints.   


In addition, Passen Pack also offers sustainable packaging solutions by using bamboo and wood materials.


Bamboo and wood packaging has gone mainstream in beauty industry. Such natural materials are renewable. The natural grain conveys a sense of elegance and eco-friendly sense.

Wrapping up

Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas will be a feast for sensual experience of beauty packaging. There, Beauty Sourcing offers global buyers exciting opportunities to get access to stable, efficient and innovative packaging solutions from Chinese suppliers in beauty industry. 

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