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Great Results for InterCharm Russia 2021

Great Results for InterCharm Russia 2021
InterCHARM show, one of the largest professional beauty events in Eastern Europe, held twice a year, has come to an end in Russia. During the four days from December 8 to 11 this year, the exhibition covered cosmetic packaging, makeup tools, nail services, personal care, permanent makeup, and aesthetic medicine, etc. It created an exciting opportunity for professional dialogues between manufacturers, distributors, brands and industry experts. 
461 companies from China, Turkey, South Korea, Italy, Poland, Germany, and other countries attended the key industry event, as shown by organizers’ information disclosure. During the event, strict epidemic prevention requirement was just like a filter, screening out many non-professional audiences. Most of the remaining were high-quality buyers. 
This edition, BeautySourcing joined together with 21 premium Chinese manufacturers to display 234 pieces of samples onsite. The offline samples on show were synchronously displayed on BeautySourcing’s online platform, together with other products from the same supplier shown online, totaling more than 400 pieces from 21 suppliers. Such online and offline show forms reinforced each other, and were well received by buyers. They could browse all products on the online exhibition page at and then feel and touch the samples in-person to know about the quality.   
Only in four days, BeautySourcing's pavilion welcomed the arrivals of 350 buyers. The daily online webpage views exceeded 10,000 times. A total of 834 inquiries were received from both online platforms and offline events. For suppliers' part, among 21 Chinese manufacturers coming with BeautySourcing for this offline event, the packaging sector accounted for 57%, followed by nails, accounting for 23%

The exhibition shows a fact that local stockpiles have been exhausted, and brands and distributors are in urgent need of new suppliers. By communicating with on-site buyers, we have found several trends. 
Eco-friendly packaging products including bamboo and wood packaging, refillable, replaceable, all-plastic and airless packaging were the most inquired products. In the event, global buyers showed great enthusiasm for environmental protection materials, like coffee grounds and bamboo powder, and high barrier materials.
Aluminum packaging became a “dark horse”. In recent years, aluminum containers become popular as they are much more lightweight, can keep the inner formula fresh over time, allow for in-line printing, help create a variety of shapes, and be fully recyclable. During the event, buyers’ demand for aluminum packaging greatly exceeded our expectations. 
In addition, we found home care products were another hot trend during the pandemic. Buyers showed great interest in the small household beauty devices brought by BeautySourcing. Many buyers placed orders for products like multifunctional microcurrent guasha, LED photon therapy mask treatment, facial cleansing brush and eye massage devices on the spot. 
What’s more, small household devices now are showing strong growth. During the pandemic, passenger flow of physical salon and SPA stores has dropped significantly. Consequently, demands for professional beauty devices fall. Oppositely, consumers pay more attention to household devices. This drives the upsurge in the demands. 

Overall, this event is a big success for both buyers and Chinese suppliers. It is no exaggeration to say the success can’t be achieved without BeautySourcing's innovative O2O mode. Buyers on the spot also gave positive feedback to the mode. They indicated that thanks to the online-to-offline model, they had opportunities to know so many premium suppliers from China and at the same time, they could understand their production process through real multi-sensory experience. 
So far, BeautySourcing has made its O2O plan for next year. The first stop will start with Dusseldorf, Germany, in March. For more details, please visit
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