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Who are we and what do we do?
Welcome to join! BeautySourcing is a B2B+O2O marketplace dedicated to the beauty supply side. Holding the most comprehensive directory of all beauty supply-side items from the premium manufacturers of China and some other regions, we connect suppliers, distributors, retailers, and overseas importers through online markets and global beauty trade shows offline.

What can I do on
Once you register to be our Buyer, you can:  
  • Product and supplier search and inquiry
  • Free subscribe to our Newsletter  
  • Free Product and News Alert
  • Personalize your Trade Show Experience
To register for free, all you need is a valid e-mail address and password, plus your name, company name, and country.
Register Now and start to benefit from BeautySourcing Online right away!

Do I need to register with before I can send my inquiry?
 Yes, registration is required. As a registered user, you can:
  • Contact suppliers faster
  • Become a quality buyer, preferred by our suppliers
  • Save your contact details for future use
  • Get e-mail updates on new products and suppliers

What do I need to register?
To register for free, all you need is a valid e-mail address and password, plus your name, company name, and country.
Once you've registered, you can use this email address and password for all Online products and services.

What is the membership fee on
It is Free: Registration for our services such as product and supplier search and inquiry. There are no hidden costs.
What is the benefit when I register at
  • Free access to thousands of products, containing all the latest innovations.
  • Direct contact to 3000+ premium manufacturers in one stop.
  • Weekly new products recommendation, professional direction, and guidance.
  • Breaking news & trend reports are regularly updated.
  • Offline trade shows free samples.

Who are your suppliers?
BeautySourcing brings together 3,000+ premium suppliers representing the entire beauty industry in China and some other regions, we represent more than 90% of the whole sector.  All the suppliers are reliable and authentic with a verified existence. If you wish to ensure the reliability and authenticity of any supplier, check their profiles and look for certificates. For further details, you can contact us at:

How to verify suppliers' capabilities
At BeautySourcing, we follow a detailed process to verify suppliers' capabilities, Here's a step-by-step guide to the supplier verification process:
Step1: Initial Screening and Documentation
When a supplier is interested in joining BeautySourcing, Suppliers are required to submit essential documents, including business licenses, certifications, and registration details
Step2: Background check and Reference Verification
Next, we reach out to their previous and current clients to collect references and feedback on their performance and reliability. This step helps us gauge the supplier's track record and assess their ability to meet client requirements.
Step3: On-Site Visit and Facility Inspection
To gain firsthand insights into the supplier's manufacturing capacity, our team conducts on-site visits to their production facilities.
Step4: Verification of Certifications and Compliance
We thoroughly verify certifications or compliance claims made by the supplier, such as ISO certifications, FDA approvals, or other relevant industry standards.

How do I create a quote?
Send an Inquiry on the relevant page to contact your favorite supplier to negotiate the product/order details (such as product price, MOQ, payment methods, shipping method, shipping cost, etc.) BeautySourcing does not provide personal information such as an email or phone number to users.

How can I get the most accurate quote?
To get the most accurate quote, ensure you provided as much detail as possible. Suppliers may respond with their own questions to further refine your quote.

What do I do if no one responds to my quote?
If you don’t receive any quotes, the first step is to review your order and make sure you provided as much detail as possible. If you haven’t fully populated the questionnaire then suppliers may be unclear on exactly what you are after and feel unable to help. If you are still having trouble, contact us on

Does have a payment service?
BeautySourcing does not have a transactions system, negotiate payment terms & systems with your suppliers.
Review supplier payment terms regularly to help you manage cash flow. Additionally, take the time to review what your rights are under your contract. Be sure to check for cancellation clauses and penalties in addition to late payment fees. 
We highly recommend our Buyer use our official inquiry system to discuss payment terms with suppliers. It is a safer way to negotiate better terms. Buyer Protection is able to assist Buyer to resolve the dispute case and it is free of charge. 
What should I pay attention to before the transaction?
  • Inspect for business credibility
  • Inspect for an authentic and working phone or fax number
  • Look out for references
  • Ensure that the product is absolutely the same as what you are looking for
  • Demand for the sample products to make sure they satisfy your requirements
  • Be vigilant to ensure no unexpected transactions are happening
  • Make sure the agreement terms and conditions are able to protect both parties (including return and refund policy, the location and organization for both parties to settle the dispute )

What type of payments are accepted? Who handles the shipping & freight?
BeautySourcing does not offer shipping & freight services, check with your supplier directly. BeautySourcing take no responsibility for any disputes.
If you have a dispute with one of your suppliers, first check the contract or any documents you have to see if:
they've breached the terms or conditions
there's a dispute resolution process

How to sell?
When a buyer requests a quote, you will receive a notification of this in your inbox. To respond, simply login to your seller dashboard. From here you can refine the request with the buyer and then negotiate the price. Some buyers are seeking to make a decision immediately, so it is best to respond to quotes as promptly as possible.

What are the benefits of using BeautySourcing for suppliers?
Free account allows suppliers to register. Suppliers can post their products and bound up with trade exhibitions they participate to embody strength and obtain inquiries from potential buyers. Our premium members are allowed to post as many products as they like, whereas for the free members only a defined number of product posting is allowed.
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