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30 Premium Suppliers to Come Along with BeautySourcing to 2022 BEAUTY DUSSELDORF

30 Premium Suppliers to Come Along with BeautySourcing to 2022 BEAUTY DUSSELDORF
Beauty events worldwide are making a comeback as quarantine restrictions of western countries and beyond are relaxed. The 2022 BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF is leading its way on May 6-8, 2022 in Germany. At that time, BeautySourcing will present at the event with 30 premium suppliers from China and part of their featured products. The product categories cover packaging, nails/eyelashes, hair care and beauty devices, etc.  
“Green”, “sustainability”, “eco-friendly” and “environment” are buzzwords in the beauty sector. Actually, sustainability has long been on the high agenda of beauty brands and suppliers. They strive to offer packaging options that are simpler and more sustainable to minimize waste and reduce environmental footprints. This trend is driven by a growing number of consumers who are committed to making our world a better place. Hence, both brands and suppliers steer toward containers that are refillable and replaceable or are made of eco-friendly materials - mono-materials, PCR, bio-based materials, such as sugarcane, corn, etc. At the beauty event in Düsseldorf, BeautySourcing is to display various latest eco-friendly solutions from Chinese suppliers. 
Here's a sneak peek of products to be on show:  
As consumers would like to contribute their due share to a circular future, the recyclability of beauty packaging is given top priority. Mono-materials become a popular option. With only one type of material, they are easily recycled without extra effort spent on separating components. Recently, Topfeelpack introduces a full plastic airless bottle. This is a whole-new design. As it is made of mono-materials – all its components are made of PP except for TPE spring and LDPE piston - it is eco-friendly and easy to be recycled. Its new elastic element is a highlight. There is no metal spring or pipe inside the pump, greatly reducing the potential contact pollution. 
Less is more. The fewer plastics we use, the more we contribute to our planet. To simplify the beauty routine and minimize plastic waste, Zhonghui rolls out a replaceable eyeliner cosmetic pen. The whole packaging is designed to be made of eco-friendly materials. So it is easy to be recycled. The replaceable design allows for a new way of consumption. “Through replacement, we aim to reduce the number of new parts and increase the utilization of existing parts. That is how we can minimize the use of plastics”, says R&D Manager. Besides, replacing the inner core is simple. Users just need to open the pen cover and rotate the pen to a clockwise direction, and then they can easily replace. There is no need to worry about liquid leakage during replacement. The double steel ball structure ensures no liquid available before the pen tail is screwed in. 
Perfumes are no exception when packaging is getting greener across the beauty sector. Aluminum and glass materials are favored options for perfume bottle suppliers. Jinzhicheng launches an 8ml twist-up perfume spray bottle made of both aluminum and glass. The inner glass bottle is wrapped in a layer of aluminum shell. As it is known, both aluminum and glass are 100% recyclable. This design contributes to the eco-friendly program. For Jinzhicheng, it is not enough. It also designs the packaging into a refillable one. It says “no” firmly to single-use products by making refills available. The twist-up, mini design is also travel-friendly.  
Unlike wood from trees taking years to grow, some bio-based materials like bamboo, corn and coffees are fast-fast growing, renewable materials. They are considered eco-responsible sources of materials. Hence, they have found their way in the beauty packaging sector. MZPACK upcycles the coffee grounds and bamboo powder to create small cups. These materials are biodegradable without generating any toxic residues. Meanwhile, they also help to reduce carbon emissions. Besides, MZPACK employs advanced manufacturing technology to turn these materials into high-barrier materials. This means such packaging can better protect the inside contents. The capacity is 12ml and it is suitable for coffee beans, freeze-dried powder and other foods, as well as mud film and other washing products. 
Sugarcane is a highly environmentally friendly option of beauty packaging suppliers. The carbon footprint of a sugarcane tube is 50% less than a conventional PE tube. Recently, Ouxinmay develops a new type of tube that is made of sugarcane. The body of the tube contains at least 90% sugarcane materials. So, the squeeze tube biodegrades easily. Of course, considering brands' personalized demands, paper and PCR materials are also available for this product. Tubes made from at least 40% PCR are available at Ouxinmay. In Brief, Ouxinmay can offer a wide variety of eco-friendly packaging options. 
Besides the above-mentioned sustainable materials, there is another material that seems too good to be true. That is PLA, which is processed from the starch of plants such as corn, sugar cane and sugar beet, making it biodegradable. Greenyard brings about a PLA Plastic bottle with a bamboo collar. The minimalist style turns the public's attention to the classics again. The smooth bamboo treatment collar looks natural and stylish, giving the product a green look and feel. This is sure to be an ideal packaging for environmentally-concerned brands and consumers to do their bit for the planet.
For more information about our latest eco-friendly packaging solutions, keep following us: We will update the latest industry trends, beauty event news and new arrivals regularly!
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