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Exploring Cutting-Edge Beauty Trends Unveiled at Cosmopack Asia 2023

Cosmopack Asia 2023, a trailblazing event in the beauty industry, recently showcased an impressive array of innovations that promise to reshape the future of beauty sourcing. BeautySourcing, distinguished for capturing on-site insights, proudly presents an exclusive glimpse into the latest trends influencing the beauty landscape.

Customization Redefined with A-EYE Lipstick:
Marchesini Group Beauty introduces the A-EYE Lipstick, an avant-garde creation developed in collaboration with SEA Vision and ARGO VISION. This groundbreaking lipstick features semantic segmentation technology for defect detection at a pixel level. The outcome is a highly customized product, seamlessly aligning with individual user needs.

Sustainable Packaging with Revation from Korea:
Revation from Korea showcases a 360-degree packaging development service centered around molded pulp packaging. This service covers everything from creative packaging design to mold design and production. Notably, the packaging materials used are biodegradable, crafted from sources like pulp, sugarcane, and bamboo. This commitment to sustainability marks a significant step toward reducing environmental impact.

Innovative User Experience with TAEYAND RENEW:
TAEYAND RENEW presents an airtight sliding mascara that redefines the user experience. This mascara is specially designed to seal the liquid inside, preventing exposure to air during usage. The result is a smooth and consistent application from the beginning to the end, ensuring users enjoy a seamless and delightful experience.

Yuyao Jingyi Plastic's Double-Bin Bottle Innovation:
Yuyao Jingyi Plastic introduces an Upper and Lower Double-Bin Bottle, a true game-changer in product formulation. This innovative bottle maintains two ingredients or formulations separately within the same container. The unique design ensures that the two components only mix when the product is dispensed. This preserves the freshness and efficacy of the ingredients, providing users with a product that maintains its potency with each use.

Strength of BeautySourcing: In the realm of beauty sourcing, BeautySourcing stands tall, focusing on the supply side and gathering premium suppliers. This guarantees a reliable partnership and access to cutting-edge innovations.
Stay tuned with BeautySourcing for more exclusive insights into the ever-evolving world of beauty.
Exploring Cutting-Edge Beauty Trends Unveiled at Cosmopack Asia 2023
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