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Luxe Pack Monaco Show Reveals New Developments in Cosmetic Packaging Industry

Luxe Pack Monaco Show Reveals New Developments in Cosmetic Packaging Industry

Luxe Pack Monaco—has been a leading premium show in global packaging industry since its first edition in 2019. Returning on September 27-29 this year, this event brought together +450 premium packaging manufacturers (among which 70 were new) from 96 countries and over 70 expert speakers across the world. The show was a key moment for global packaging industry as it suffered from untold crisis and uncertainties in the past 18 months. It also marked an exciting opportunity for brands and suppliers—coming from various industries including watchmaking, fashion, delicatessen, perfume and cosmetics—to have a face-to-face deep contacts and exchanges.

New materials, sustainable solutions and digital innovation as the main themes dominated the event.

New Materials

It is certain that as the fast evolving cosmetic industry across the world, consumers are becoming more demanding. They expect more than the functional and aesthetic packaging. They want more ecological awareness from packaging. In this connection, brands have mounting demands for eco-designed materials. Suppliers are going beyond the conventional materials to offer innovative material solutions for ecological benefits. At the Luxe Pack Monaco show, supplies coming from across the world introduced their new materials (such as, some bio-sourced materials) to empower brands’ sustainable development.

Quadpack introduced its full-wood caps. Before, wood without any plastic inserts could not be used for cosmetic packaging due to its elasticity and water permeability. However, through years of exploration and research, Quadpack makes a full-wood solution possible based on its technological innovation. Woodacity® is introduced. Woodacity has the same functionality and stability as plastic materials in various conditions, shapes and material combinations. Such new material will surely add more sustainable added-value to cosmetic brands.

Besides, suppliers such as Coverpla used the wood, or 100% biodegradable, biosourced PHA for its packaging. Cosmogen brought two material innovation patents to the show: 100% polypropylene reusable stick; all-PCR brush.  

Sustainable Solutions

This edition of the Luxe Pack Monaco is not the first time to pay high importance to sustainable packaging solutions. The show has a strong tradition of focusing on green solution since its inception. During this event, a large number suppliers from different industries offered their own sustainable packaging solutions from different dimensions—plastic reduction, refillable and reusable packaging, or recycling materials, etc. Arguably, this edition is a sign of packaging industry fully entering into circular economy.

Groupe Pochet introduced its Odyssée rechargeable glass jar with its inner cup doubling for on-the-go use. This patent packaging is featured by two glass pieces, but its overall weight is lighter than standard glass packaging on the market. Made from virtuous materials, this packaging enables refillable uses. More over, its inner cup can a light and airtight container which is travel friendly.

In addition, Albéa introduced mono material tube and cap. Fareva Chromavis offered plastic-free packs. Silgan Dispensing made dispensers with entirely a single polyolefin for higher recyclability.

Digital Innovation

The outbreak of Covid-19 leads to lockdowns across the globe. As a result, the digital platform, especially e-commerce, becomes a new reality that global packaging industry is experiencing. Luxe Pack Monaco 2021 is a great event where suppliers share their e-commerce-friendly packaging solutions.

Silgan Dispensing’s Pearl 2 is designed for e-commerce. It can withstand the air pressure changes during transportation and air travel. This means it has good sealing and will not leak. Such packaging is perfectly suitable for e-commerce.

Secondary packaging for e-commerce was also shown at Luxe Pack Monaco. Rissmann introduced its box collections for e-commerce. Inside a shipper box, there is a decorated gift box. The inner box is fixed by ribbons or elastics on a removable cardboard bottom.  


China, as one of the major business issues, was highlighted at the show. Ningbo Rainbow International is the only packaging company coming from China in the exhibition. It presented the natural wooden packaging material series from wood caps, decorative wooden bottles, perfume bottles with wooden frame, wood concept jars, nail polish bottle with wooden lid, and wooden boxes, etc. These are eco-designed packaging for cosmetics.

China Key

As the world's second largest beauty market, China has received the extensive attention of brands. This edition of Luxe Pack Monaco set China Key, an area enabling global brands to better understand Chinese market. Working in partnership with well-known design agency Centdegrés, China Key provides a personalized, sensory contact with Chinese market. In the area, brands can get free consults, expert round tables, and an exhibition of products designed for Chinese market. In general, this area brings immersive Chinese experience where brands can plunge into China.

Overall, Luxe Pack Monaco 2021 offers an opportunity to be in contact with newest developments in global cosmetic industry. Today, we live in an era when consumers have growing green awareness, and they tend to shop through e-commerce platforms due to Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, cosmetic brands’ demands for eco-designed or eco-sourced materials and packaging are mounting. What’s more, e-commerce-friendly packaging is also on the rise. 

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