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New Trends of Cosmetic Packaging Dominate MakeUp in New York 2021

New Trends of Cosmetic Packaging Dominate MakeUp in New York 2021

MakeUp in New York—a B to B event where suppliers and brands around the world get together to introduce their innovative skincare & makeup products and packaging. It also represents an exciting opportunity to share the innovations and key trends in makeup industry. It is always an inspiring and trend-setting event. The MakeUp in New York held on September 22nd and 23rd is not an exception.

Three trends concerning cosmetic packaging dominates the event—sustainable, refillable and recyclable.


Sustainable packaging becomes one of the biggest concerns of brands for more than a decade. This trend is driven by growing number of consumers hungry for respecting the environment. A wide variety of innovative solutions to sustainability dominates the event, ranging from PCR materials to light weighting options to bio-friendly resins & materials and even to mono materials.

Metal materials such as aluminum may be a perfect option for cosmetic packaging. It is light and will go into endless upcycling circle after use without loosing any properties, qualities or weight. Aluminum container equipped with airless system introduced by Lumson is a big stride toward sustainability. Aluminum better protects inside formula based on pouch technology. As a pioneer in equipping aluminum container with airless system, this option will create a whole new experience. Importantly, all the components of this packaging is easily dismountable. This means much less energy is needed during recycling process. Overall, it is light and the materials can be recycled and reused, which reduces wastes.   

Innovative Amp Dropper package launched by FusionPKG stands out in the show based on its easy-to-go design and sustainable resins. Instead of using a pipette, its has a flexible membrane at the bottom. This ensures the exact dose of use, avoiding overusing. It is slim and travel friendly. When applying the product, only one hand is enough. In this sense, such packaging adds sustainability benefits to an on-the-go application of makeup. What is more, Amp Dropper package uses the Eastman Cristal™ Renew resins which are sustainable resins as they have a higher level of certified recycled content (up to 30%-50%). It effectively reduces the plastic waste. 


“Refill Revolution” is a growing trend in recent years. As consumers are more aware of the sustainability, brands and suppliers in makeup industry are finding ways to reduce single-use, unrecyclable or hardest-to-recycle packaging. Refillable and reusable packaging is one of the popular sustainable solutions offered by many suppliers. Refillable and reusable packaging allows consumers to change the inner bottle and slip in a new one. As it is designed for the repeated use of packaging, it reduces the material use, energy consumption and carbon emission required during manufacturing.

Airless refillable system introduced by APC Packaging is refillable packaging that in reality as well in name. Different from many other refillable products available in the market which only feature screw-off pumps branded as “refillable”, the airless refillable system is truly refillable. It uses the recyclable PP containing 75-100% PCR, and it allows the replace of inner bottle. The new inner bottle can also perfectly fit the original actuator and outer bottle. The refillable process is also easy. The inner assembly will be released by a simple push of the button at the bottom. Then, a new inner bottle can be slipped in and snapped back into position. 


There is a growing trend of maximizing the recycled content in cosmetic packaging. Glass, aluminum, mono-material and biomaterials such as sugar cane and paper are all best options for recyclable packaging. Pumtech Korea’s eco tube makeup packaging stands out from various recyclable packaging.

It uses the kraft paper fabric with two color options: yellow or white. It greatly reduces the plastic used in tubes by 58%, minimizing the environmental footprints. In particular, the kraft paper fabric is a 100% recyclable material as it is manufactured from all-natural ingredients from all types of wood. The airless pump is metal-free. This means the pump is made of mono-material. After use, the components are easily separated and recycled. Such eco-friendly packaging adds up to the recyclable trend. 

Overall, MakeUp in New York 2021 is an exciting opportunities for brands and suppliers
to analyze the market trends in cosmetic industry. As consumers care more about the environment under the influence of the pandemic, more brands turn to sustainable, refillable and recyclable packaging. 

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