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The Growing Beauty Market in Vietnam Possibilities for Manufacturers

The Growing Beauty Market in Vietnam Possibilities for Manufacturers
Among the most active and fastest-growing cosmetics markets in Southeast Asia is Vietnam's own. Vietnam has a great chance for beauty suppliers with a market worth of up to US$ 560.32 billion in 2023 and expected to rise dramatically in the next years. BeautySourcing is thrilled to be joining Cosmobeauté Vietnam & VIETBEAUTY 2024 from July 25–27th, where we will present creative beauty supplier ideas catered to fit the needs of this growing industry.

Middle-class boom and beauty consumption:

Vietnam's change to a middle-income nation has produced a growing middle class with rising disposable income. Demand for personal care and cosmetic items is rising along with this change in the economy. Women especially middle-class consumers spend an average of VND 450,000 – VND 500,000 (US$19 – US$21) monthly on makeup and skincare. The beauty and cosmetics market has been much enhanced by the increase in disposable money, changing beauty standards, the impact of social media and Korean beauty trends, etc.
E-Commerce and Beauty

The cosmetics business has been driven even more by Vietnam's fast expanding e-commerce sites as Lazada, Shopee, and Tiki. Attracted by the ease, diversity, and competitive rates presented by e-commerce sites, Vietnamese customers are buying online for cosmetic products more and more. This trend offers beauty vendors a great chance to access a larger market via internet channels.
Natural and Organic Personal Products

Rich biodiversity and plenty of natural resources including coconut, turmeric, green tea, and aloe vera in Vietnam offer a special chance for the creation of natural and organic cosmetics. Demand for natural cosmetics is being driven by Vietnamese consumers' increasing awareness of and inclination toward environmentally friendly, organic, and clean beauty products. This change towards natural ingredients presents a good market for cosmetic vendors emphasizing organic products and conforms with world trends.
Possibilities for Contractual Agents

With up to 93% of personal care goods imported, foreign brands predominate in Vietnam's cosmetics sector. Leading exporter is South Korea; the EU, Japan, Thailand, and the US follow. Still, especially in the natural and organic categories, the market is ready for fresh ideas and newcomers.

Why BeautySourcing at Cosmobeauté Vietnam & VIETBEAUTY 2024?
Offering a vast array of beauty products, including makeup packaging, hair tools, beauty devices, and cosmetics, BeautySourcing, a worldwide beauty sourcing portal, links buyers with over 3,000 top-notional manufacturers. At Cosmobeauté Vietnam & VIETBEAUTY , we want to underline our position as a top source and provide our creative beauty supply ideas meant to satisfy the particular needs of the Vietnamese market.
Discover the newest trends in packaging and cosmetic items, including creative designs and environmentally friendly materials.
Our customized sourcing solutions guarantee that the requirements of your brand are precisely and with care addressed. We coordinate all aspect of the process, from design to manufacturing.
Possibilities for networking: Engage top-notch producers, packaging professionals, and business executives. Our presence at Cosmobeauté Vietnam & VIETBEAUTY 2024 offers a forum for important networking and building of contacts that can propel your business ahead.

The Prospect of Vietnamese Beauty Market

With a 15–20% yearly growth rate, Vietnam's cosmetics industry is set for ongoing progress. Key drivers of this development are the growing popularity of natural and organic goods, the expansion of e-commerce, and the effect of social media and Korean beauty trends. BeautySourcing is enthusiastic to enter the Vietnamese market and use these trends to create creative beauty supplier solutions that satisfy changing needs of Vietnamese consumers.
Visit our stand at Cosmobeauté Vietnam & VIETBEAUTY we encourage all brand owners, beauty aficionados, and professionals. See yourself the quality and creativity BeautySourcing offers the cosmetic business. With our outstanding beauty supplier solutions and tailored sourcing policies, let us assist you to strengthen your brand. Come see us at booth A58 from July 25–27th or connect with us via WhatsApp 86 19533327294 to learn how BeautySourcing can guide and enable you to negotiate and thrive in the energetic Vietnamese beauty industry.
The Growing Beauty Market in Vietnam Possibilities for Manufacturers
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