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Top Cosmetic and Personal Care Trade Shows of 2022 to Fuel Your Buiness

Top Cosmetic and Personal Care Trade Shows of 2022 to Fuel Your Buiness
Global trade has gone through a very tough Covid-19 period. But with effective epidemic prevention policies put in place, global economic activities have gradually rebounded. The global beauty & skincare market, in particular, is bouncing back. If you’re in the business of the beauty industry, it is of great significance for you to attend the world’s professional trade shows and beauty events to catch industry dynamics and market trends in the first time. Maybe, wandering around a trade show to look for some innovative solutions is a good start to fuel your business in 2022. Here is a full calendar of events waiting for you in 2022 presented by BeautySourcing
What you will get here are trade shows and world-renowned beauty events where ingredient suppliers, primary and secondary packaging suppliers, contract manufacturers and trading companies get together for deeper communication and innovation sharing. So it is easy for you to know more about formulation information and regulatory topics, and find new brand partners and new product arrivals there. Significantly, some events exclusively for the professional beauty sector, such as salons, nails, beauty devices and hair care, are also included. With diversified products and solutions coming from the entire beauty industry, you will be amazed at the spectacular range on offer. Besides, by communicating with key buyers and beauty professionals, you will get unique insights and new global trends. This will be an important source of creativity and inspiration for you to embrace advanced technology, develop new products, and identify new distribution, packaging and manufacturing channels. 

Comprehensive Beauty Trade Shows

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
March 21 – 23 
London, England
The Brewery London
April 13 – 14 
April 28th - May 2nd 
Bologna, Italy
May 6th - May 8th 
Dusseldorf, Germany
Shanghai, China
Shanghai New International Expo Center 
May 12 – 14 
Las Vegas, Nevada, US
Las Vegas Convention Center
July 12 – 14
Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre
July 28 – 30 
Bankok, Thailand
September 15 – 17 
Mumbai, India
Jio World Convention Centre
October 6 – 8 
Taksin, Istanbul, Turkey
ICC – Istanbul Congress Center & ICEC
October 13 – 15
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
October 31 – November 2
Jakarta, Indonesia
Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)
November 3 – 5 
Hong Kong
November 16 – 18

Trade Shows Featuring Ingredient Suppliers, Formulation Information, Contract Manufacturers and Packaging

Paris, France
April 5 – 7 
(virtual April 11 – 22)
Shanghai, China
Shanghai Exhibition Center
April 14 – 15 
Shanghai, China
Shanghai New International Expo Center 
May 12 – 14 
New York, New York, US 
June 15 – 16
Paris, France
Carrousel du Louvre
June 16 – 17 
(Paris Packaging Week) 
Paris, France 
Paris Expo Porte de Versailles
June 29 – 30 
Seoul, South Korea
July 13 – 15 
Shanghai, China
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center
July 18 – 20 
New York, New York, US
Javits Center
September 14 – 15 
São Paulo, Brazil
September 21 – 21
October 3 – 5 
Moscow, Russia
October 26
Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC)
November 1 – 3 
Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC)
November 1 – 3 

Trade Shows Featuring Spa and Salon Business

London, England
April 3-4
Dusseldorf, Germany
May 7-10
London, England
October 8-10

BeautySourcing is proud to get actively involved in a variety of global beauty events throughout a year to be well informed about industry insights, news and trends as well as latest product updates and innovations. As a vertical beauty supply chain platform, BeautySourcing connects buyers worldwide with premium beauty suppliers via online and trade shows. Especially, amidst the tough periods during the pandemic, BeautySourcing creates an exciting opportunity for global brands to get access to a complete range of beauty supply-side products. You can search and preview the products to be displayed on our user-friendly websites and check the material and techniques of samples carefully at events. BeautySourcing is not only a communication facilitator, but also a professional industry expert who guides you to a brighter future. The platform analyzes the data collected from both online and offline buyers and suppliers during the beauty events to provide insights for the local market trends. In this way, buyers and suppliers can be precisely connected based on region-specific demands and trends. 


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