Monthly Recap--Chinese new interest in niche Western beauty, 7 Ways Technology is Transforming Beauty Businesses and more


A growing sense of individualism and a constant need for newness is powering Chinese consumers allure for niche beauty, which has turned China’s $62.8 billion beauty market into a promise land for Western niche beauty brands. If you haven’t had any plan, it’s time for you to join in BeautySourcing, who will provide you a trial experience to enter to China beauty market.

We're seeing a growing technology trend (and have since before COVID) in beauty market. Get 7 ways that technology is transforming beauty businesses, supporting you to find more beauty solutions of your business.

We offer the latest trends and insights towards global beauty market.

Here are our top 10 most viewed news on our site for the month ended February 28, 2021:

1. Messe Dusseldorf cancels BEAUTY DUSSELDORF and TOP HAIR for 2021

2. Chinese new interest in niche Western beauty

3. 7 Ways Technology is Transforming Beauty Businesses

4. How to face the challenges for beauty brand during Covid-19

5. Interview with Forbes Contributor Explores The Future Trend to Shape The Beauty Business

6. 5 Beauty Market Trends You Can Not Ignore in 2021

7. 5 Insights on the current Latina Beauty Movement

8. France becomes first EU country to bypass China animal tests on ordinary cosmetics imports

9. How to capture the cosmetic packaging trend, an insight from local supplier

10. The biggest beauty trends set to impact the US market in 2021

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