Beauty Packaging Steps Closer to A Sustainable Future

Beauty Packaging Steps Closer to A Sustainable Future
Sustainability seems to be a sacrosanct word in the cosmetic sector in recent years. Especially, consumers not only care about what’s inside the containers, but also care about the packaging itself. They hope cosmetic packaging designs can help with building a circular future. To feed such demands for sustainable options, packaging manufacturers are embracing advanced technologies and doing more to roll out new designs. Here are some key developments in the beauty packaging area:  
Mono-material & recyclable packaging 
Traditionally, beauty packaging is made of many different materials, so it is hard to be recycled. With more attention paid to the recyclability of beauty containers, packaging made of only one type of material - PP, PE and PET plastics as well as glass or aluminum alternatives – is becoming more popular. One of the biggest benefits of mono-material packaging lies in easy recycling without extra effort for disassembly. Aptar Beauty + Home's Future pump is such a mono-material masterpiece. Unlike other traditional pumps, it is only made of PE – which is widely used and 100% recyclable – without any other metallic components. So, this eco-design makes full recyclability possible. 
Post-consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic and ocean plastics
Thinking of saving oceans and rivers from plastic pollution? Some packaging manufacturers have already taken action. They use PCR or ocean plastics as the main materials for their packaging. Such plastic is derived from recycled PET, PP, PE and ABS containers rather than non-renewable resources. It greatly reduces the demand for virgin plastic and cuts the amount of plastic waste ending up in landfills or oceans. Packaging made from PCR or ocean plastic helps you clean up the beauty industry. Meanwhile, it is also an ideal material for bottles, jars, tubes, dispensers, closures, etc. Amcor has launched its first 100% PCR PET container. This is the first of its kind in the world. This packaging provides a new idea for people to reduce plastic pollution and recycle existing resources.
Refillable packaging and paper packaging
According to a report made by Zero Waste Week, 142 billion pieces of packaging were produced in the beauty sector each year while only a small portion of the staggering figure could be recycled. But what if we were extending the service life of that packaging? Consumers’ appetite is certainly there. So reusable and refillable packaging is a popular option. Eurovetrocap's 50ml Refill Jar strikes a balance between luxury and sustainability. The inner container and lid are made of recycled PP and can be purchased separately. When the jar is empty, it is easy to screw in a new one. Meanwhile, the heavy glass bottom gives a strong luxury sense. 
In addition, paper packaging is becoming a perfect alternative to petroleum-based plastics. Besides its lightweight, it is 100% recyclable and fully biodegradable. Nothing to worry about its water or oil resistance. Especially, it allows for various decorations and can present a natural, high-end look. 
Biodegradable packaging and other bio-resins 
Actually, many materials that can be easily recycled may not degrade naturally. In order to minimize the environmental footprints, many brands and manufacturers shift their focus toward biodegradable packaging and containers made from other bio-resins. Sugarcane fiber packaging becomes an eco-friendly option as it derives from renewable sources. The biggest environmental benefit of this packaging is that it can biodegrade faster than other materials. A paper cup may take about 20 years to break down naturally, but sugarcane fiber can biodegrade within 30 to 90 days. It can break down even faster in commercial composting facilities. Sugarcane tube is Idealpak’s answer to the call for biodegradable packaging. The material used is derived from 100% sugarcane. With the same properties as traditional packaging, it silently supports a circular future. 
Eco-friendly deco & finish options 

For some brands and manufacturers, there seems to be a dilemma: luxury look? Or earth-friendly design? The good news is that they can get married. The solution lies in eco-friendly decoration or finish options. Bamboo has found its way in the beauty packaging sector. Be it glass, metal or plastic containers, bamboo can always find its way to perfectly match with it. The natural texture makes the packaging look unique and elegant. Take Idealpak’s various real bamboo closures for example, whatever container - airless bottle, lotion bottle, oil dropper bottle or spray bottle in different sizes and colors - bamboo decoration can always please people's eyes. 
Today, as the beauty industry and consumers alike are striving to make our planet a better place, the sustainability of beauty packaging is placed in high importance. As a vertical supply chain platform in the beauty sector for many years, BeautySourcing will continue to keep an eye on industry hot spots and trends; and then recommend relevant premium suppliers to help you to be a better version of yourself!  
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