Buyers Guide for Manicure

Buyers Guide for Manicure

As is known to all, the origin of manicure differs among individuals. Some people argue that it originated in China, but some others believe that it spread from the west to the east. Up till now, manicure has become an indispensable part of female makeover. No matter where it was from originally, one thing is for sure, great changes have taken place in manicure in the 21st century. The traditional nail polish has nearly been replaced by nail gel polish, the emergence of which has rapidly changed the way people do nail polishing, and it is prevalent around the world. To observe the beauty exhibitions globally, you may find that the nail gel polish is in the dominant position. 

As a matter of fact, the nail gel polish is made from the typical industrial product, light-cured resin, which was applied to manicure by some famous nail art companies like CND, OPI, ORALY, JESSICA and was found to be effective in the aspect of colors, glossiness, endurance and so on. After being introduced to China, the nail art skill was first adopted by some manufacturers in Guangzhou and was in mass production, occupying the global market rapidly.

The followings are some useful tips for nail products suppliers:

Does nail products have specialized wholesale market in China
How can I find nail products suppliers?

In the traditional concept, if buyers plan to leave for China to purchase some nail products, the first destination that comes to mind is Yiwu international trade city in central Zhejiang. Actually, as a world-renowned wholesale center, Yiwu offers you any products you desire, ranging from clothes, bags, to cosmetics or makeup tools, etc. However, the nail gel polish is not included in the list. Years ago, when another famous beauty products wholesale market , Yifa market, was flooded with nail gel polish, there was no chance for you to find any one in Yiwu. Up until now, although the nail gel polish industry is developing rapidly in Yiwu, owing to some unspoken reasons, I strongly advice you to choose Guangzhou as the purchase destination. Unless you blindly pursue the low-price products, Yiwu may surprise you always.

How about the quality of nail gel polish in China?

In the early stage, some unstable factor did exist in the nail gel polish, such as bubbling, degumming, cracking, the glossiness not being enough, and so on. But these problems do not exist any more after over a decade of development. In essence, in view of quality, there is no gap between Chinese and American products. Actually, some well-known brands directly import bulk packing products and get them wrapped up as a unit. To check the situation, we may find that more than 80% nail gel polish are exported in kilos, with thousands of tons of them being exported annually. To have a satisfactory manicure, women need to go to a nail salon to get nails done, which is the same as your hair. In other words, how pretty you nail look largely depends on the skills of the manicurist, which differs from the way we use cosmetics.

Can I become distributors of Chinese nail gel polish brands?

Absolutely yes. As is mentioned above, how much the nail gel polish works rely on manicurists, thus customers paying little attention to the popularity of brands. It is no difficult finding local Chinese products with international features in the Chinese market. But because of the existence of the brands, it may incur a higher cost compared with the OEM strategy. In this way, the purchase will be much easier, which, I believe, is worthwhile and rewarding. 

How can I deal with the situation where the orders’ quantity is not big enough?

The development of beauty supply chain is in the maturity phase, thereby finding the solution fast. You can easily find the factory which accepts the order quantity with one bottle, because the majority of nail gel polish factories requires little about the order quantity. If you desire to have your own brand, they are capable of providing you with nearly perfect solutions even though the quantity is only 100 bottles. Owing to China’s developed supply chain, they can find the suitable packaging bottles, labels, brushes, lids, and get them delivered to you at unimaginable speed. To have any other requirements, you can find solutions fast and easily.

Are those e-commerce platforms like Alibabba are reliable purchasing channels?

Alibaba is the largest B to B platform in the world, which brings much convenience for purchaser to buy goods globally. However, the scale of the platform is too big for buyers to locate the products they desire. It happens a lot when the suppliers can’t find the right products. The product raking rules in Alibaba is same as that in Google, which are complicated and changes constantly. And paying more money to increase the chances of getting exposed is the common trait between them. The more you pay for your products, the more likely your products are to be placed on the top. Therefore, there is a great probability that the suppliers you search for on Alibaba may not be the ones you are looking for. Depending on Alibaba to find the suppliers turns out to be unpractical. Owing to the fact that those who are good with e-marketing may not be qualified to manufacture good products and vice versa. As a result, we suggest that aside from browsing the information on Alibaba, buyers should go to the professional exhibitions to find the right suppliers. As far as I am concerned, the major beauty shows around the world, such as Cosmoprof, InterCHARM, Beauty World Middle East, Beauty Eurasia, etc, are showing products from Chinese nail art companies annually. The total export of those enterprises accounts for over 80% of the whole industry. Therefore, it is no surprise that the exhibition cost is much higher than that they pay for membership fee on Alibaba. Now I believe how to choose the right channel to find the right suppliers is evident for you.

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