China Beauty Supply Chain Underpins C-Beauty Staggering Growth

China Beauty Supply Chain Underpins C-Beauty Staggering Growth

Chinas beauty market has witnessed rapid growth in recent years with sales of skincare products totaling RMB260.4 billion in 2020 and make-up revenues reaching RMB52.5 billion during the same timeframe. It is expected to reach RMB478.1 billion by 2021. This year, during the presales for the Double 11 shopping festival, Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya, both famous online cosmetic celebrities, sold 20 billion just in one night. Especially, a growing number of C-beauty brands have won the market based on their constant R&D, innovative packaging and a good knowledge of the new generation of consumers. Today, novel and unique packaging design taking roots in Chinese traditional culture, co-branding designs, and immersive packs are popular beauty themes for Gen Z.

Here, we will introduce some C-beauty brands and their packaging innovation. 

Perfect Diary's Business CardFloating Light Lip Gloss 

Perfect Diary, established in 2016, is a young C-beauty brand, targeting young women consumers. This summer, it launched the business card floating lip gloss. In addition to the new texture and trendy color, this product also enjoys an eye-catching appearance. Staying away from traditional pack design, Perfect Diary adopts a flat square lipstick format. It is slim and thin, just like a business card. So, it is travel-friendly. The multilateral diamond-cut design on both sides looks simple but graceful. The bottom of the stick is designed semi-transparent, giving a crystalized sense. By and large, it looks fresh and high-end.

BIGEVE’s Immersive Packaging—“Milk Covered Man”

BIGEVE, founded by China's top KOL Zhang Dayi in 2018, is a newly emerging beauty brand. In order to cater to the demands of Millennials and Gen Z, it has co-branded with artist Lu Pingyuan to launch a new product. It draws inspiration from "small milk cap" and gives it an anthropomorphic image—“milk covered man. The milky white paste is packed with a simple ins style design. When opening the minimalist design, it is just like reading a book with a healing milk-covered man in different moods on each area—composed and quiet, wild with joy, brows knitted, or tired and sleepy

weai’s Milk Tea Cup for Lip Cream

Gen Z, as a young, fashionable and tasteful group, has become a major consumption force in the 21st century. They have a unique and profound understanding of culture and pursue uniqueness and difference. Under the circumstances, weai came into being. The packaging design of this series is inspired by milk tea. Each bottle style, designed for a specific taste—dark sugar, peach or coconut milk, has its unique lip care effect—reducing lip wrinkles, nourishing and moisturizing, or softening and glossing. Such packaging design reflects the fusion of art toys and beauty. Compared with conventional beauty packaging, it emphasizes the sense of aesthetics and funny design as a way to make for an immersive and interactive user experience.  

Flower Knows’s Circus series

Recently, Flower Knows launched a brand new circus series, covering as diverse as lipstick, blush, powder, 12-color eyeshadow palette, etc. The packaging design continues Flower Knows's long tradition of unique, girly style: the packaging of powder is designed as a carousel music box; eyeshadow palette looks like a 3D bronzed spellbook; gradient blush is an oval design with a heart-shape, laser-cutting diamond embedded; packaging of press powder is designed as an embossed circus stage in a two-color linear gradient style. Generally, the embossed or embedded decorations make the packaging look luxurious and high-end, and the touch experience creates an interaction between users and the brand. Another feature of packaging design lies in its use of eco-friendly materials, such as, 100% aluminum and paper.


Motion Color Series

The newcomer in the beauty industry, Joocyee, introduces its motion color series. Motion color is common in Chinese ink and washes painting. This design draws inspiration from the moment of watercolor blooming on paper. Such Chinese-style packaging is designed for a four-color eyeshadow palette and lip mud. It speaks volumes for minimalism—simple, trendy and practical. Joocyee is striving for providing consumers with a more high-quality beauty experience while pursuing texture and avant-garde design. 

C-beauty brands are beaming with vitality. They are working tirelessly to meet the growing demands of Millennials and Gen Z for aesthetic and better skincare experiences through innovation. Actually, the innovation of C-beauty brands is inseparable from the support of a stable and efficient supply chain in China. Beauty Sourcing, as a supply chain solutions provider for many years, has abundant factory resources. Now, it has worked in a partnership with more than 2000 premium suppliers from China, most of whom are long-term partners of renowned brands. So, if you have any supply demands, please feel free to contact us ( We will match you with the best suppliers in line with your personalized


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