Five Ideas to Boost Your Christmas Sales

Five Ideas to Boost Your Christmas Sales

Last Christmas, holiday sales in the U.S. reached over $1 trillion, which explains why retailers rely so heavily on holidays. According to Rakuten Advertising, though having experienced an unfavorable beginning due to the pandemic, sales of beauty and personal care products is estimated to soar during the Christmas holiday as it was before, painting a brilliant picture on the amazing performance of retailers. Integrating the latest trends in the cosmetics supply chain, BeautySourcing is to help you create festival products.

Color printing packaging

Improving packaging can help you stand out among many other brands and build brand recognition. Lately Sephora has released super lovely Christmas boxes with holiday elements. Whether it is a green Christmas tree, elk or  mistletoe, there is always one that can make you a hit.

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Sequin Nail Art

What else is better than trying a beautiful manicure on holiday? No matter it is minimalist design or exaggerated art, nail art can help you take the lead in the fashion field. Undoubtedly, the most trendy nail art on Christmas is glitter nail. Whether it is nail glitter, foil nail or nail rhinestones, it always lights up the whole holiday.

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Synthetic Wigs
Synthetic wigs were regularly treated as an alternative to low-quality human hair in the past. However, the current technology has made it become stylists’ favorite. High-quality synthetic wigs look as natural as human hair. With the advantages of being easy to take care of and to style, no matter how many parties you are to attend in holiday, you can easily have a new hairstyle by changing the wig.

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Bath set
When we search for the "best Christmas gift" online, the most common one  is the bath set, including shower lotion, bath sponge, body wash, salt scrub etc. Having gone through many hardships since 2020, people need to treat themselves. Whether it is to kill time or to relax, taking a bubble bath will be a terrific idea.

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Colored False Eyelashes

The most popular makeup on ins this year is undoubtedly colored false eyelashes. Wearing masks being a normal state, makeup artists worldwide are aiming to create colorful eye makeup. If you are just aware of the trend, it’s not too late to replenish your stock.

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The Christmas shopping season is much more competitive than ever this year. Hopefully this will give you holiday inspiration. If any of the products mentioned attracts your attention, please feel free to visit

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