How BeautySourcing Helps You to Source Qualified Beauty Suppliers from China

How BeautySourcing Helps You to Source Qualified Beauty Suppliers from China
Cosmetics are one of the fastest-growing and most promising industries in China. In terms of geographical distribution, East and South China are home to the vast majority of beauty manufacturers, accounting for 84.16% in total—among others, 1446 manufacturers in East China and 2389 in South China. With the development of Chinese cosmetic market and more sophisticated manufacturing process, China has become one of the top sourcing destinations. In 2020, China recorded 4.24 billion U.S. dollars in cosmetic exports (roughly about one million metric tons), an increase from 2.77 billion U.S. dollars year on year. 
Sourcing beauty products from China usually starts with finding the right cosmetic manufacturers. Safe to say, there are many beauty manufacturers in China and you do have a wide variety of choices. But it is not easy to choose some qualified ones who perfectly match with your requirements from these tons of suppliers. While BeautySourcing helps you with it. 

What is BeautySourcing is an online virtual beauty supply chain platform that helps connect you, your products, and companies to full-service premium manufacturers from China. 
Here are some hallmarks for sourcing from China:
  • For Chinese suppliers, it provides an exciting opportunity for them to better show their products, services and manufacturing techniques & capacity, innovative ideas to all potential buyers across the world. 
  • For global beauty brands and buyers, its online-to-offline model builds a seamless connection between suppliers and buyers. Through smart search function on Marketplace page, buyers will know the specific offline beauty shows where the products they are interested in will be displayed. Then, they can go there to know about the production capacity of relevant suppliers on the spot. At the same time, as BeautySourcing often takes premium suppliers to various large-scale international cosmetic shows, brands and buyers can see and feel the real samples and techniques on site. At shows, buyers can mark up their products of interest through QR code that is exclusive to each product and after the shows, they can communicate with suppliers about the marked products for further information. 
  • For the whole global beauty supply chain, it offers a professional and dedicated platform where global buyers can directly connect with qualified suppliers from China. This greatly increases the transaction efficiency and reduces the communication time. Moreover, BeautySourcing has verified the credentials of these suppliers, so they are all qualified and premium manufacturers. Furthermore, all of them have rich experience in foreign trade . So working with them, you will have a smooth sourcing process. It also helps to stabilize your beauty supply chain as it has built strong connections with tons of quality cosmetic manufacturers with the help of exhibition service providers in the past decade and more. Now, BeautySourcing includes nearly 27,755 products (covering cosmetic raw materials, packaging solutions, OEM/ODM/OBM services, beauty devices,  hair care and nails, etc) from more than 2,232 qualified beauty suppliers in China.  

How it differs from other e-commerce platforms
At the mention of sourcing from China, many buyers may think of Alibaba, Global Sources or Made-in-China. Of course, you may find the right beauty manufacturers on these comprehensive online platforms. But it is really a daunting job as you have to do many searches, verifications, and communications. These platforms are not born only for beauty business. They cover nearly all kinds of industries, so they may not be professional enough for screening beauty manufacturers. At the same time, through simple search online, global buyers can’t clearly and comprehensively know the products offered by suppliers. Especially, the on-going pandemic hinders the offline exchanges and visits between suppliers and buyers.  
By contrast, BeautySourcing is born only for the beauty business. With more than ten years of professional expertise in cosmetic industry, it selects each and every supplier professionally and rigorously. Moreover, it is a vertical B2B platform. Its O2O model matches perfectly with world’s professional beauty exhibitions, making it possible for the platform to catch the latest beauty trends. BeautySourcing recommends sourcing guidelines on a quarterly basis according to the trends. For one thing, global buyers will easily keep up with the new trends and see the trendy products through customized product recommendations and user-friendly online search function. For another thing, they can experience the samplers in person at shows. 
Also, BeautySourcing provides professional customer services. That means buyers can submit their sourcing demands through RFQ (Request For Quotations) online sourcing  intelligent system. And they will receive the replies from many qualified suppliers recommended by the platform within the shortest time. Importantly, online supervision of every link of sourcing process helps you to keep your supply chain transparent and under better control. 
At BeautySourcing, we aim to help Chinese suppliers and global buyers to work together and better so as to move up their value chain. So, what are you still waiting for? Just come and visit for a whole new experience of beauty sourcing from China. 
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