Is China about to ban CBD in beauty products

Is China about to ban CBD in beauty products

China’s fledgling CBD beauty market could be coming to an end as the country’s authorities contemple a ban on its cannabis-related ingredients for use in beauty products. 

According to sources, a statement published by the country’s National Institutes for Food and Drug Control has drafted rules that could be put in place to ban the ingredient for use in cosmetics. 

The law would apply to cannabis sativa fruit, cannabis sativa seed oil, cannabis sativa leaf extract and cannabidiol, also known as CBD. 

Cosmetics containing CBD made from hemp extracts and not isolated THC, and products with less than 0.3% THC are currently permitted in the Chinese market, according to Daily CBD. 

Hemp has appeared as a significant part of Chinese history, from being used as a material for bow strings to papermaking and later in medicine. 

Meanwhile, in cosmetics hemp seed oil is hailed in the beauty sector, thanks to its properties which make it a very effective moisturiser, while its natural texture gives good emolliency to soften and smooth skin.Consumers have until the 19 April to submit their feedback on the proposed plans. 

China, however, this year has approved 'ordinary' cosmetics to be sold in the market without conducting test on animals. 

From 1 May, companies will be exempt from partaking in, what has been mandatory, animal tests, as long as products are made under the Good Manufacturing Practice conditions. 

Figures in China were said to have been driven by demand for better performing products, as the country turns to western influence. According to Sandrine Zerviv, founder and Chairwomen of China-fused brand management and digital agency, Full Jet, 86% of total retail sales are made from forgein brands, showing an appetite from Chinese consumers for international companies. 


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