Join our free webinar in April-Beauty Ingredient innovation and trend

Join our free webinar in April-Beauty Ingredient innovation and trend

Beauty is a fast-moving consumer goods industry that is driven by science. What may seem as a simple improvement might at times represent a major scientific breakthrough. Beauty Academy will collaborate with beauty industry experts around the world to enhance brand innovation and iteration. Following the smooth holding of the first webinar in March, experts from Beauty Kitchen, Modern Botany and Luisa Oliva Consulting will join our webinar- Beauty Ingredient innovation and trend on April 28, 2021. It will focus on knowledge sharing, academic exchanges, trends analysis etc., through which we present you solutions in terms of raw material innovation, product research & development, brand building-up, private domain traffic marketing etc., helping to incubate a new generation of beauty brands.

What exactly you will learn from the webinar?

>What is the next sustainable ingredient trend?

>Biotech ingredients: a truly expected way to lead the beauty industry to achieve sustainability

>How do unique product formats enable effective delivery of relevant claims? (sustainability, multi-purpose, timesaving, self-care, health/safety)

The webinar is totally for free. Register now and Join us at 5:00-7:00 PM (GMT +8) on 28 April 2021!

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