Join our webinar in March-How to connect to the Chinese beauty market

Join our webinar in March-How to connect to the Chinese beauty market

BeautySourcing’s Beauty Academy is a training and resources sharing platform offering courses and workshops for both executives and employees who are interested in learning about updated information related to beauty business. The Academy is going to launch its webinar series. We’re going to have ‘Reinvent the Chinese market’ in March, ‘Beauty Ingredient innovation and trend’ and ‘Sustainable Development’ in April, ‘Beauty and Wellness’ In May etc. Beauty Academy is to get you connected with beauty industry closely, presenting the latest markets & trends, innovations, laws & regulations as well as the latest hot topic relating to beauty every month.

Beauty Academy’s first webinar is to be held on 31 March 2021- Reinvent the Chinese market.
As China becomes first major economy to recover from Covid-19, Chinese beauty is on the road to recover. Individualism and a need for newness is powering Chinese consumers allure for niche beauty, which is spearheaded by Gen Z consumers and digital natives. Clean beauty remains rather niche in China, while the potential of the market cannot be ignored. In the meantime, following the newly revised regulation on importing cosmetic products to china without mandatory animal testing,more and more international niche brands are turning their attention to china’s market. Moreover, emerging domestic beauty brands are expected to reach a higher standard.

Beauty Academy will collaborate with industry experts from China Skinny, CIRS Group, Double V Consulting, MomentZ etc. for a stimulating dialogue to share insights on the current Chinese beauty market, delivering some key tips on how to enter the beauty market and grow business in China.

What exactly you will learn from the webinar?

>How to win the Chinese market and optimize your performance in China?

>How to comply with the new cosmetics regulations in China?

>Clean beauty in GenZ consciousness

>What is the next trend in Chinese Gen Z consumers and how is the effective way to approach them?

The webinar is totally for free. Register now and Join us at 5:00-8:30 PM (GMT +8) on 31 March 2021!

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