Makeup and Packaging Trends That Will Define 2022

Makeup and Packaging Trends That Will Define 2022
In the past two years, makeup and packaging sectors suffered a lot due to working from home and wearing masks. But since vaccines were administered, they rose from the ashes left from the pandemic. For these sectors, 2022 will be an entirely new chapter. During post-pandemic era, consumers shift their priorities as they have a better understanding of selves. When selecting makeup products, they care more about the sustainability, aesthetics, wellness, and more value. 
BeautySourcing has gained some valuable insights into the makeup and packaging trends for 2022 from its top inquiries received over the past year. Now, here is a close look at these trends. 

Sustainability is more than a trend. It is a commitment to the planet where we live and it is also a must. A sudden outbreak has made sustainability a big concern of consumers and brands. A great many of brands are looking for sustainable packaging solutions for skincare, makeup, and personal care products. Hence, eco-friendly materials including paper, wood, sugarcane, bamboo and aluminum and glass are becoming popular options. 
The packaging of an eco-friendly 12 color eyeshadow palette manufactured by Guangzhou Yecai Paper Products Co., Ltd. fully reflects this trend. It is made of bio-degradable coated paper which will ultimately return to the nature and produce much fewer environmental footprints. This product also allows different decorative techniques including lamination, embossing, debossing, UV coating, gold/silver hot-stamping, aluminum coating, etc. Just as a designer of Yecai once indicated: “We have seen the increasing sustainable concerns. And we design this product to help brands move toward sustainability. But at the same time, we also care about the visual pleasure for consumers in the post-pandemic era.”

Guangdong Qiaoyi Plastic Co., Ltd. introduces refillable lipstick & lip balm tubes. This is a trendy round lipstick pack, which is mainly made up of a delicately-decorated outer container and a removable and refillable inner vessel. Moreover, the packaging is airtight and will preserve all formulas. In general, the reusable design not only shows the eco-aware but also increases profitability and reduces costs. 



Just as a makeup artist indicates, consumers have somber COVID fatigue due to working from home and mask-wearing, and for this reason, they want something visually playful, pleasant and no-holds-barred. So makeup and packaging in bold colors and full of self-expression become trendy. 


Macaron colorful lipstick set coming from Guangzhou Epeinn Cosmetics Co., Ltd. catches this trend. The macaroon colorful lipsticks offer a funny and playful way for consumers to interact with the brand. Besides, the delicate and cute colors relieve people's fatigue and create visual comfort. Moreover, it also caters to the romantic feelings of Gen Z girls. The sculpture's face paste takes on a visual appeal. 

Another eye-catching lipstick design comes from Guangzhou Yecai Paper Products Co., Ltd. The refillable lipstick bottles for DIY makeup are made of paper. The material selection and refillable design fully show environmental awareness. Another big highlight is the surface decoration. Many decorative techniques are available, including lamination, embossing, debossing, UV coating, hot stamping, aluminum coating, etc. Visually, the patterns give a strong sense of artistic aesthetics. In addition, the transparent design at the center of the tubes creates a visual intuition—as you can see the colors of the lipstick directly. 



In recent years, ‘skinimalism’ becomes a growing trend. This is closely related to the concept of minimalism, and it means to achieve the maximum benefits to skincare through minimum products or makeup routines. Many brands are shifting toward skincare hybrids. Usually, brands combine ingredients to achieve skinimalism.


Guangzhou Duoduo Cosmetics Manufacturing has launched a lightweight matte color without drying lipstick. This product uses hybrid formula so as to provide a natural, sophisticated finish while keeping lips healthy. Duoduo has added some moist ingredients so that your lips are not dry while the color can last long without caking. This product allows you to have the desired lip colors while enhancing your lip care. 

Natural and Clean Formulas


With the evolving sustainable and healthy awareness, consumers' demands for natural and clean products seem to never end. When choosing cosmetic products, they care more about natural, non-toxic, cruelty-free and vegan claims. As a result, many brands are working to translate some natural or naturally-derived ingredients, such as algae and plasma, into skincare formulas. Besides, some food-based ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables and mushrooms are becoming popular options. 


Guangzhou Iron Soul Trading Co. Ltd. is also working on natural and clean formulas. Its fruit pie filling eyeshadow palette is colored totally by the fruit pigments instead of toxic petrochemicals. 30 colors come from nearly 30 kinds of fruit pigments. For example, matte orange comes from tangerine; shimmery baby pink comes from a peach; shimmery violet comes from grapefruit; matte pumpkin comes from pawpaw; vibrant shimmering pink comes from raspberry, etc. In addition to building a natural look, the formula can bring health benefits because the fruit nutrient ingredients in the eye shadow products, such as vitamins A and C, will also nurture your eye skin. 


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