Nail Trend Report

Nail Trend Report
In today's era everything has its own beauty. Nail art has become one of the fashion items for most girls, and correspondingly nail art products have become one of the fastest growing products in the cosmetics industry segmentation. has combined background data and released the latest trend report of nail sourcing products.

Press-on Nail

Press type nail tip is becoming a major trend in nail art. The instant nail art product makes it possible for people to enjoy artistic and salon-like nail painting even at home. Some people have the impression that the press type nail tip is outdated. To our surprise, the current production technology makes it not only cheaper, faster, but also life-like.

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DIY Dip Powder nail kit
Dip Powder nail kit is a kind of nail art product functioning between nail gel polish and nail polish. Generally speaking, it is composed of acrylic acid and color additive. It has no pungent smell, and does not have to be used with nail art lamps. Using the dip power at home can perfectly solve the problem of customers being unable to nail salon in the period of social distancing.

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Variable-Temperature Nail Gel Polish
People are all expecting magic things to happen to them, and the variable-temperature nail gel polish can always bring magic into the dull isolate life. This type of nail polish makes your nail react to the variation of temperature. And it can be shown while you are in the sun or washing your hands with cold water.

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Plasticine Nail Gel Polish
Plasticine has always been considered as children’s toys. However, when it is applied to nail art, you will witness unexpected effect. The texture of the nail gel polish is like plasticine, elastic and waxy. And it can be kneaded into any shape. Handmade accessories will definitely make your nail art unique.

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Nail Stickers
The market performance of nail stickers is outstanding comparably in the background of nail  salon being shut down. Whether being a master or a beginner of nail art, you can easily complete a beautiful nail art work. It is definitely good news for those with poor operational ability.

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