Trend Report of Packaging Design

Trend Report of Packaging Design

Touch-free packaging

Undoubtedly, the most popular packaging design in the outbreak is touch-free packaging. The flexible tube containing electronic massage can guarantee the greatest level of sterile environment and promote the absorption of skin care products by means of microcurrent and vibration massage and so on, which not only avoids the "virus panic" of consumers, but also guarantees the efficacy of the product.

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Refillable packaging 

A large number of analysis and reports have expounded the importance of environmental protection concept in the packaging field. Replaceable cream bottles cater well to consumers' demand for environmentally friendly products. The vacuum design can effectively prevent the oxidation of the product. If a cream bottle is used up, the inner tanked can be replaced without buying a brand new one, avoiding waste greatly.

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Dual function design

With makeup becoming increasingly daily, the boundaries of cosmetics use has grown more blurred. The integrated packaging and double-ended design — one side squeezing, the other side with a bush, can satisfy customers’ needs no matter how they use them.

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Personalized packaging

Personalized packaging is extremely attractive, especially for the Generation Z. The unique exterior design can reveal the personality of younger generation. Whether the bizarre body design or the furry touch, it will light the new generation of consumers up.

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Dual-chamber tube

The new dual-chamber tube is being adopted by more and more brands. The two chambers of the tube can store two different products, and the independent tube can prevent the mixing of the two components, thereby guaranteeing the quality of products. The dual-pump-head design allows consumers to create their own skincare products by controlling the dosage.

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