Trend Report of personal care

Trend Report of personal care

According to Statista data, the total revenue of the beauty and personal care market has reached $483,338 million so far, of which the personal care accounts for $ 215,621 million, occupying half of the entire market. Under the challenge of pandemic this year, personal care companies have been promoting sales through digital marketing. Facing the challenges and opportunities in 2020, product differentiation becomes particularly important. BeautySourcing have selected the most popular personal care products, and hopes to kick your inspiration.

Konjac Product

Konjac is a natural food that has been circulating in East Asia for thousands of years. It is now playing an important role in the field of beauty. If you are looking for pure natural products suitable for sensitive skin, green products made from konjac rhizome (natural plant fiber) will definitely meet your requirements.

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Home massager

People can’t go for professional massage services during the epidemic. So massagers are needed to get people relaxed. The hand-held electronic massager is a best choice whether as a home, travel device or a gift for friends. Building a soothing environment and choosing a mode that suits you the best, you can have access to a professional care anytime at home.

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Oral care

Beauty trends are always unpredictable. But speaking of smiling, a set of pearly white teeth must be most charming. However, not everyone has enough time or money to go to the dental clinic regularly for dental care. So choosing a set of home oral care products and treating your teeth gently is necessary for you.

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Hot wax hair removal
If your impression of hot wax hair removal has been stuck on the old smelly striped wax paper, then you are lagging behind. More advanced and gentle formulas are adopted in hot wax hair removal products nowadays. The addition of skin-friendly ingredients can minimize skin irritation. Whether you want DIY kits or purchase for your beauty center, BeautySourcing can always find the right suppliers for you.

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