What is the future of retail in beauty industry

What is the future of retail in beauty industry

Alberto Apostoli, a member of the Board of Directors of the English Sustainable SPA Association, has designed numerous and wonderful spas all over the world as well as some products and equipment that have become icons for the new way of experiencing the spaces of private wellness. For over 25 years, he has contributed to the development of the sector through educational activities, workshops and publications and is considered one of the most important and award-winning architects and trendsetters in the wellness industry.

BeautySourcing: The beauty industry has seen enormous innovation and entrepreneurship in the last several years. Countless new brands have been created and an endless array of new ingredients have been developed. But one thing that has changed in almost every other sector of retail has not yet disrupted the beauty industry: beauty products are still sold primarily as they always have been, in stores. As a designer agency, may you please introduce your innovative idea on how to help client to convey their brand concept into their shop.

Apostoli Beauty industry has a lot do to yet in terms of marketing, visual merchandising and sales approach. Despite of above all, it must review its way to explain products to final client not only focusing on colours, texture and all the aesthetic topics. It must explain the real benefit in terms of skincare, the natural ingredients and the connection with sustainability, as well as create a real experience rather than just sell. And more attention must be focused on male needs as well; try to relate products with fashion plus lifestyle. There’s a lot to do, a lot to innovate in beauty industry and I’m really excited to face new projects and to meet new visionary entrepreneurs.

BeautySourcing: Male grooming is a booming market but the customer group is less engaged than the females and doesn't seek out information as much. How to well reach this kind of group?

Apostoli I think that the definition "male client", like the "female client", is not correct or incomplete. We also need to consider nationality, age, cultural background etc.Our clients must be profiled according to their multiple characteristics. For example, a 50 year old European man will have to be reached differently than a young Asian man.On the other hand, nowadays, the gender difference is very thinning. For young people, the communication strategy could be the same for boys and girls, while for adults, the distinction is still clear. In general, we must convince our "male" client that self-care is not only an aesthetic aspect but also a healthy one and that looking in good shape helps him in social and professional relationships, like a nice dress or a nice watch.

BeautySourcing: What is the next trend in beauty retail?

Apostoli Absolutely, we must talk about nature and sustainability, trying to design something that’s able to communicate at the same time luxury, freshness and lifestyle. I think it’s over the “shinny black” era. The Beauty must find its own way, an independent way different from the perfume industry design standard.

BeautySourcing: Panton just released 2021 color. What do you think its affection in beauty industry?

Apostoli I don’t think it will affect beauty industry. What beauty industry must find is a bit of originality, a bit of independence from the same cliché. A way could be related to professional SPA world or to a more happiness way to live.

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