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A Guide to Skincare Packaging

A Guide to Skincare Packaging

Today, we live in a world where consumers have more demanding requirements for skincare products than ever. Brands have to embrace advanced technology for product innovation or use highly sophisticated formula or natural ingredients as a way to stand out in the hyper-competitive market. Certainly, formula changes will mean requirements for enhanced packaging properties. In the years to come, skincare packaging is seeing a strong momentum: it is expected to grow from 12730 million USD in 2020 to 15000 Million USD in 2026, presenting an 2.8% CAGR. So here comes a question: how to select the most suitable packaging for skincare formula among numerous packaging supply? There are three factors that brands must take into full consideration. 

Light Blocking Ability 

Some skincare ingredients are highly sensitive to sunlight. Ultraviolet rays in the sunlight may lead to chemical reaction—decomposition or deterioration—when meeting some ingredients. The more they are exposed to ultraviolet light, the faster they will decompose or deteriorate. Common essential oil products, such as citrus essential oil (such as bergamot), lemon essential oil, sandalwood oil, are all photosensitive ingredients. For those ingredients, packaging is an important protection. Tinted or non-translucent packaging will be best options.

Acid Resistant Capacity

Some acids are also common in skin care formula, such as some fruit extracts—alpha-hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids and kojic acids, etc. For formula containing these ingredients, if the packaging, especially the metal components, is not coated with protective coating, it can be easily corroded, leading to product contamination. To protect the safety and freshness of these recipes, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) packaging is one of the best choices. 

Airtight Properties

Airtight properties are also an important factor for brands to consider. Most of the active ingredients easily go bad or volatilize in the air. For example, Vitamin C easily degrades when it is exposed in the air. In addition, nearly all plant extracts and antioxidants will break down in the air. As the skincare formula becomes more sophisticated, packaging needs to keep up the trend. For those air-sensitive ingredients, airless packaging is a great option as it can protect inner active ingredients and ensure their freshness and efficacy.


Product Introduction

In order to keep up the highly sophisticated formula, skincare packaging suppliers offer a series of packaging options.  

As light blocking is one of the key considerations when it comes to keeping those light-sensitive ingredients, many suppliers introduce tinted or non-transparent packaging. For example, Guangzhou Ouxinmay, a reliable manufacturer of packaging for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, has launched an eye cream massage tube with a metal applicator on its top. The tube body is tinted. The glossy and non-transparent surface effectively protect against the sun damage and ensure freshness of ingredients. The metal applicator enables a smooth application. More importantly, it offers a cold touch, which provides an anti-aging eye treatmentmaking eye skin become firm and stimulating microcirculations.

In the a
cid resistant category, MZPACK TECH , an expert specializing in designing and manufacturing various beauty packaging, offers a high-barrier PETG cream packaging with a spoon. PETG material has higher chemical resistance, thus being suitable for almost all ingredients and formulas of skincare products, including some acidic natural ingredients, such as fruit extracts. It is also environmental-friendly as they are washable, reusable and durable. The built-in spoon avoids the hand contact with inner products, meeting the hygienic demands.

n responding to the airtight packaging trend, Ningbo Somewang, a professional designer and manufacturer of airless packaging, recently launched its luxury cosmetic collection, a uniquely designed packaging for skincare products that swirls two formula into one bottle. This 2-in-1 design maximizes the stability of active ingredients and their potency before use. The dispenser provides precise dosing and defends against bacterial growth. So, it also delivers hygienic and sustainable benefits.

verall, as brands in skincare sector are jockeying for market shares, packaging suppliers continue to upgrade their products so as to perfectly match the enhance formula. BeautySourcing, as a virtual beauty supply chain platform, will continue to keep an eye on industry trends and recommend innovative solutions so that brands make smart, informed decisions.



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