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How to capture the cosmetic packaging trend, an insight from local supplier

How to capture the cosmetic packaging trend, an insight from local supplier

BEAUTYSOURCING: Please briefly introduce your company's main business.

Our company specializes in the production of lotion pumps, foam pumps, trigger sprayers, perfume caps, airless bottles, lipstick tubes and various daily cosmetic packaging.


BEAUTYSOURCING: There are many competitors of the same type in the domestic cosmetic packaging market. Please share us how your company take the lead in the market through product differentiation strategies.

 () Our products cover care packaging and cosmetic packaging

 () Our company not only provides customers with sprayers, but also packaging settings

 () Our company is also committed to developing e-commerce customers


BEAUTYSOURCING: The export of domestic cosmetics packaging is increasing every year. How do you view the current overseas packaging market? Facing the complex and changing international environment, what preparations do domestic enterprises need to make?

The international environment is complex and changeable. We must not only strive to develop overseas markets, but also have a certain ability to control the domestic market. As a company with independent development and design capabilities, our company will develop different new products to meet the needs of the international market. For example, by cooperating with foreign company brands to order the products they need, the cooperative brands include Sephora, Unilever, Kimberly-Clark, etc.

BEAUTYSOURCING:Environmental protection and sustainability have always been hot words for cosmetic packaging. Please predict the 2020 cosmetic packaging trends and what new products your company will launch this year?

Our company has developed all-plastic square sprayers and PCR pump heads, hoping to contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development.


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