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Klassy a glassmaker for fragrance brands

Klassy a glassmaker for fragrance brands
It is true that beautiful things are always pleasing to the eye. However, the highly-marketed beautiful products easily lead to aesthetic fatigue. Consumers want something fresh and rare. That is why niche perfumery brands grow rapidly. Thanks to the rare ingredients and mysterious, artistic packaging, the niche perfume market have been multiplied in recent years. The global perfume market is expected to stand at $52 billion by 2025, among which the niche perfume market sees the greatest spike. The secrets behind such a surge mainly lie in the rare ingredients and original bottle design. Klassy, a Chinese supplier, is specialized in glass primary packaging that has become an essential partner for niche perfumery brands. 
In a recent dialogue with BeautySourcing, Amy, General Manager of the Klassy shares some key facts and her own insights. 
BeautySouricng - What makes Klassy an alternative glassmaker of niche perfumery brands? 
Amy - We stand out among numerous glass bottle suppliers based on a wide range of items, strong production and R&D capacity and flexible MOQ. The items we offer include glass bottles, caps in ABS, zamac, surlyn, acrylic, aluminum & wood, pumps, collars, and plates made of zamac, aluminum, plastic, paper, etc. It is no exaggeration to say that we can provide almost all perfume packaging choices, from components, materials, decoration, to varying shapes and size, etc.  

As for production capacity, we can manufacture 500,000 sets per month. Each year, we serve 20 companies with projects totaling to 30-50. So, we can easily meet brands’ order requirements. Another secret is innovation. We keep developing new products so as to constantly satisfy customers. We can launch at least 4 new designs each month. 
Lastly, we offer flexible MOQ. Niche perfume brands may expect more flexibility and we are working to produce small quantities. Our MOQ for the whole set is 10,000 pcs and for caps and plates, the MOQ can be lowered to 5,000 pcs. For different decoration demands, the MOQ also varies. 
BeautySouricng - How do you meet brands' needs for customization? 
Amy - We offer two options. The first is to develop brands’ own exclusive bottles. We usually start with communicating about the design concepts and making a sketch. Then, a feasibility analysis will be made during 3D modeling. Based on these steps, we begin to confirm visual pictures and make a technical drawing. We put creativity and prudence into everything we do. For these fresh new designs, we can open new molds. The other is to customize products by choosing decoration. We provide brands with a variety of decorations including color coating, metalization, hand-polishing, frosting, laser, hot-stamping, silk-screen printing, inside lacquering, etc. Meanwhile, we have a comprehensive product catalog. So, standard items coupled with personalized decoration will meet brands’ personalized demands. Besides, we also help customize the packing box, like regular color box, PET box, gift box, acrylic display box, etc. 

BeautySouricng - How do you see the niche fragrance market and the prospect for glass bottle make? 
Amy - The niche fragrance market is even more dynamic than ever. Undoubtedly, niche fragrance has become a new symbol of luxury. The alluring and unorthodox bottles are striking; the rare and fresh scents make people feel soothing. The spike in the niche fragrance market brings a brighter prospect for glass bottle making. Because of the good sealing performance and stable chemical properties, glass bottles are widely seen as perfect containers for perfume. Especially under the influences of the pandemic, consumers shop online more frequently, so a well-designed perfume bottle becomes a salient salesman. This is an exciting opportunity for glassmakers like us. In the past seven years, we have served more than 200 customers all over the world. In the future, we will continue to reach our existing and potential partners worldwide. 
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