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Passen Pack Is Cleaning up Beauty Industry through Plastic-free Packaging

Passen Pack Is Cleaning up Beauty Industry through Plastic-free Packaging

Sustainability in beauty industry is becoming increasingly important. A survey indicates that 120 billion units of packaging are produced each year across the globe with only much smaller proportion can be recycled. This means there is a large amount of plastic waste in beauty industry every year. Today, with consumers’ growing green demands and global regulation, brands need to be sustainable players and reduce the amount of plastic waste when manufacturing packaging.

Sustainable Solutions

Passen Pack observes that it is not easy for brands to find recycled packaging containers as claimed 100% recyclable containers available in the market usually turn out to be unrecyclable. While, the material Passen Pack uses is 100% virgin aluminum, which is recyclable and environmental-friendly.

Passen Pack manufactures all kinds of aluminium packaging, including aluminum bottles, jars, cans, tubes and other aluminum packaging products. All these options are either completely reusable, fully recyclable or a hybrid method that includes a reusable case with recyclable refills.

Aluminum is the best friend of sustainable packaging. It represents the nature of sustainability: 100% recyclable; can be melted and reused without losing any physical properties. This, coupled with light weight and durability, makes aluminum become the most eco-friendly alternative to glass and plastic packaging.

In this connection, Passen Pack identifies aluminum as a key material. Actually, it has made aluminum-based sustainability concept part of its corporate DNA. “At Passen Pack, we provide various aluminum packaging based on customized requirements. We have been long committed to offering responsible, sustainable packaging to global buyers. We work to reduce our environmental footprints in every link from product design to posy-use recycling. By doing so, we aim to turn our sustainable ides into reality. ”Jenny, General Manager of Passen Pack.

Passen Pack leads by example when it comes to the plastic-free packaging practices. It is no exaggeration to say that Passen Pack is transforming the sustainable packaging industry for the better, and we are so here for it!


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