Clean Beauty movement across APAC beyond the Covid-19 Crisis December 9, 2020
It’s very clear to see the clean beauty originated from America and emerging in Western Europe. It just remains rather niche in APAC. According to Euromonitor, the percentage of products with clean claims in APAC is less than one-fourth of that in North America, and is less than one-third of that in Western Europe. However, we are still seeing that this number has been increasing in APAC from 2019-2020.
Consumer Demand Trends in Personal Care and Cosmetic Market December 7, 2020
Industry analysts from Grand View Research forecast global market value by 2025 to reach to $716 billion, among which annual growth rate for global person care market will be 5.9% and that shows strong, continued growth for the global personal care product market.
The latest Concept of Beauty Evolution- Conscious Beauty November 30, 2020
Clean Beauty is definitely the current trend of beauty evolution that emphasizes on minimalism, simplicity and efficacy of the whole beauty supply chain, regardless of whether the products are natural or synthetic.
Mainstream of Beauty Movement-Clean beauty November 26, 2020
As is known to us all, Green Beauty has been the industry buzz word over the past decade, with the belief that natural is the best for our skins. Is green beauty still thriving?
Key Trends in Sustainable Packaging of Beauty November 24, 2020
In a post-pandemic world, hygiene concerns are subjecting beauty packaging to heightened scrutiny. Sustainable packaging continues to be important to us in the wake of the outbreak. Both consumers and brand owners have paid special attention to packaging innovations and trends this year.
Diversifying beauty retail for the new normal November 18, 2020
Following the outbreak of Covid-19, social distance keeps people from face-to-face connection. The traditional models of beauty retailing industry are facing a climate of increasing uncertainty. How to face this challenge and turn this uncertainty into opportunity, beauty retailing is diversifying into the New Normal.
Nail Trend Report November 16, 2020
In today's era everything has its own beauty. Nail art has become one of the fashion items for most girls, and correspondingly nail art products have become one of the fastest growing products in the cosmetics industry segmentation.
Holistic beauty and e-commerce redefine post-COVID Asia beauty markets November 13, 2020
The COVID-19 outbreak has transformed the beauty industry across the globe and Asia was not left apart. According to Kantar, while the region has rebounded relatively quickly, the disruption caused by the pandemic has accelerated trends and developments that were expected to take five years to unroll.
Trend Report of personal care November 6, 2020
According to Statista data, the total revenue of the beauty and personal care market has reached $483,338 million so far, of which the personal care accounts for $ 215,621 million, occupying half of the entire market. Under the challenge of pandemic this year, personal care companies have been promoting sales through digital marketing.
How far will Clean Beauty go? November 3, 2020
Statistics show that Clean Beauty, self-defined as products with formulas free from any controversial ingredient showcased in more environmentally friendly packaging, has already imposed itself as a staple for a large part of consumers helped by countless label-deciphering applications.
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