Why Flat Lashes Should Be Your Next Thing To Look Out For July 27, 2021
From across the pond to American shores, beauty salons are going crazy over these new false lash extensions: the Flat Lash. If you haven’t heard about flat lash extensions, read up and find out what you’re missing out on.
Paper Packaging The Sustainable Option for Beauty Products July 26, 2021
The global cosmetic packaging market’s worth continues to soar and is set to hit $35.7 billion by 2024. The main driving forces for this rise is aesthetics and appearance, which has influenced shelves, store centers, and not the look & feel, design and safety of products.
Chinese Solutions to New Packaging Trends Emerging From Luxe Pack Shanghai July 19, 2021
For brands, packaging is the embodiment and external extension of brand values. For customers, packaging gives them a visual experience of products, and communicates product information and attributes. If brands want to move up the value chain and attract customers, they must follow the latest trends of packaging else.
Eastman unveils recyclable resins for thick-walled cosmetics packaging July 12, 2021
US chemical company Eastman is launching Cristal One, a portfolio of Resin Identification Code 1 (RIC1) resins engineered to meet the demands of thick-walled packaging for luxury cosmetics that can be recycled.
Hygiene Packaging Trends for 2021 July 14, 2021
Since the outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic, beauty brands have had to revise their product packaging as consumer behaviors shift.
How to Find Reliable Beauty Suppliers in China July 6, 2021
A recent report revealed that 73% of executives said that the COVID-19 pandemic impacted on their supply base, leading to actual supply stress.
PCD Innovation Awards Discovering the Next Trends of Cosmetic and Perfumery Packaging June 23, 2021
For many consumers, packaging is the key influencer in their decision making, especially in the cosmetics and perfumery market. Brand values, product materials, formal and decorative design, and communication of regulatory information are all factors that affect consumers’ decisions.
7 Best Beauty Trade Shows to Attend in 2021 June 17, 2021
Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, many trade shows had to be deferred until further notice, canceled, or converted into virtual events. However, as the world slowly opens up and health experts try to lower the impact of the crisis, many such trade shows are back up and ready to go for 2021 and beyond.
Innovative Cosmetic Packaging towards sustainability June 16, 2021
Sustainability drives new solutions in Innovative cosmetic packaging. As consumers increasingly shift to lower and zero-waste lifestyles, questions surrounding materials used in packaging have become top-of-mind across beauty industry.
Breaking News China officially Ban CBD and three other cannabis sativa derived ingredients in cosmetic June 1, 2021
China’s fledgling CBD beauty market come to an end as the cannabis-related ingredients (cannabissativa fruit, cannabissativa seed oil, cannabissativa leaf extract, cannabidiol and other cannabinoid raw materials) were explicitly banned for use in beauty products. 
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