How the Beauty Industry is Adapting the Trend of Beauty and Wellness June 2, 2021
Consumers want products that make them feel good about putting on themselves and their loved ones. This is one of the aspects that are fueling the beauty industry today because skincare has quickly become about beauty meeting wellness, which is the future of the industry.
Beauty ingredient Innovation and Trends for 2021 May 18, 2021
Every year, roughly 12.2 million tons of plastic waste is chucked into our marine environment. This is a terrifying figure that requires quick and immediate action, even in the beauty industry, which has been known to use lots of plastic especially in its packaging.
How to stand out in the formula of beauty April 23, 2021
Hayley (Hoffman) Peri, Founder/CEO at Dandi Day LLC, who is also an ingredient expert and sustainability educator, offers us her unique perspective to the business growth of formula category based on her experience of almost 20 years in Beauty as well as her rich professional knowledge.
Inspiring insights for business boost in beauty and wellness April 20, 2021
Cherie Buziak is CEO/Founder of BeautyEdge LLC - business development and marketing product developer for beauty & wellness, who is also a certified digital wellness educator. She leverages her knowledge and experience to share us her insights in beauty and wellness, giving inspiring and practical advices to beauty players in this category.
Strategies of marketing communication to grow beauty business March 19, 2021
Roben Allong, Lightbeam Communications CEO, Member of Consulting Staff at Think Global Qualitative and Vice President of QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultants Assn.), has been in the research and strategy business for 15 years. She has leveraged her knowledge and experience to share her insights on what strategy of marketing communication to be adopted by the small and medium-sized enterprises for their business growth
Practical Tips on How To Launch a Beauty Brand Successfully March 11, 2021
Ravit Darougar, founder of 4ever Magic Cosmetics based in US, shares us her brand story and experience, giving practical tips on how to launch a beauty brand successfully and subsequently grow business in the beauty industry.
Key Tips To Be a Successful Salon in Covid Era March 3, 2021
With a career in the hair and beauty industry spanning over 30 years , Lesley Wilks has owned award winning salons, achieved personal business awards and worked for large companies in the salon industry , giving her a wealth of both business and practical knowledge of what makes a salon successful.
Expert insights on sourcing beauty contract manufacturers February 18, 2021
For new beauty brands or businesses seeking contract manufacturing partner, it’s very important to know how to search the right partner fit for you and build a long-term partnership. BeautySourcing compiled some key points from 3 aspects on this subject, supporting you stand out from the crowd.
Grow business in APAC -- the most untapped potential for clean beauty February 16, 2021
Clean beauty is the current trend, while APAC still holds plenty of untapped potential. “The rising concern for health and wellness as well as sustainability is pushing consumers in the Asia Pacific region towards clean beauty products. And it's very clear this trend is here to stay.”
How to launch a beauty startup into a new international market January 27, 2021
Lori Machiorlette, Co-Founder of blendSMART, has been importing consumer goods for over 15 years as President of Worth Products Group, based on knowledge and contacts AAfrom which, she launches blendSMART into Asian market in 2020.
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