Will Offline Exhibitions be Replaced by Digital Ones November 19, 2020
Since the outbreak of novel corona virus in 2020, it has spread quickly to over 200 countries and regions around the world. Up till now, the global confirmed case has reached up to over 50,000,000, and death toll has been more than 1,250,000. Influenced by the pandemic and “social distancing” policy in nations worldwide, almost every exhibition, a typical example with intensive labor, has come to a standstill.
Where is cosmetic packaging innovation moving towards in the cosmetic sector September 15, 2020
Environmental and sustainable packaging has become a hot spot, and the future development trend of cosmetic packaging material innovation has become a hot spot in the global beauty industry. BeautySourcing, as a procurement platform for the beauty vertical supply chain, interviewed well-known leading packaging material companies (Shanghai Chunhsin Packing Tube Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Lixin Plastic Co., Ltd.) on the hottest cosmetic packaging material innovation trends in the industry.
Buyers Guide for Manicure September 4, 2020
As is known to all, the origin of manicure differs among individuals. Some people argue that it originated in China, but some others believe that it spread from the west to the east. Up till now, manicure has become an indispensable part of female makeover.
An interview on Chinese Local medical beauty equipments supplier August 27, 2020
Our company focuses on the production, development and export of medical beauty equipment, which mainly involves five major issues: weight loss and shaping, hair removal, anti-aging, body sub-health conditioning and facial pigmentation.
How to capture the cosmetic packaging trend, an insight from local supplier August 27, 2020
Our company specializes in the production of lotion pumps, foam pumps, trigger sprayers, perfume caps, airless bottles, lipstick tubes and various daily cosmetic packaging.
How Chinese Cosmetic OEM Supplier facing the challenge from COVID-19 August 28, 2020
Our company name is GuangDong HengFang Biotechnology Co., Ltd and Our own brand is HENGFANG, SHIJING, MANSLY, Heart of Love.
Chinese Cosmetic Packaging Suppliers take the lead in the market August 28, 2020
Since 1980s, JM is a company specialized in design, manufacturing and sales of cosmetic and commodity packaging such as sprayers, pumps, jars, caps, bottles, oxidation aluminum products and various cosmetic packaging.
An overview for you to understand Chinese Wig Manufacture Industry August 28, 2020
Our company specialize in human hair weaving, wigs, hair extensions, synthetic hair products, large braid and hair accessories.
How is the Permanent Makeup Industry? An insight from local expert. August 28, 2020
Guangzhou Goochie Medical Technology Company overseas market business accounts for 75% of the company’s total business. More than 400 distributors worldwide operate three major international brands, GOOCHIE, MASTOR, PM and OEM/ODM/OBM.
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