Diversifying beauty retail for the new normal November 18, 2020
Following the outbreak of Covid-19, social distance keeps people from face-to-face connection. The traditional models of beauty retailing industry are facing a climate of increasing uncertainty. How to face this challenge and turn this uncertainty into opportunity, beauty retailing is diversifying into the New Normal.
Nail Trend Report November 16, 2020
In today's era everything has its own beauty. Nail art has become one of the fashion items for most girls, and correspondingly nail art products have become one of the fastest growing products in the cosmetics industry segmentation.
Holistic beauty and e-commerce redefine post-COVID Asia beauty markets November 13, 2020
The COVID-19 outbreak has transformed the beauty industry across the globe and Asia was not left apart. According to Kantar, while the region has rebounded relatively quickly, the disruption caused by the pandemic has accelerated trends and developments that were expected to take five years to unroll.
Trend Report of personal care November 6, 2020
According to Statista data, the total revenue of the beauty and personal care market has reached $483,338 million so far, of which the personal care accounts for $ 215,621 million, occupying half of the entire market. Under the challenge of pandemic this year, personal care companies have been promoting sales through digital marketing.
How far will Clean Beauty go? November 3, 2020
Statistics show that Clean Beauty, self-defined as products with formulas free from any controversial ingredient showcased in more environmentally friendly packaging, has already imposed itself as a staple for a large part of consumers helped by countless label-deciphering applications.
The Role of Beauty for Women in the Beauty Triangle October 28, 2020
China, Korea and Japan – a trio we refer to as the Beauty Triangle – are key markets for beauty not just within the confines of their own shores but also in Asia and beyond.
Trend Report of Packaging Design October 26, 2020
Undoubtedly, the most popular packaging design in the outbreak is touch-free packaging. The flexible tube containing electronic massage can guarantee the greatest level of sterile environment and promote the absorption of skin care products by means of microcurrent and vibration massage and so on, which not only avoids the "virus panic" of consumers, but also guarantees the efficacy of the product.
Perfect Diary-the Chinese unicorn with global ambitions October 21, 2020
Founded in 2017, Chinese cosmetics brand Perfect Diary has just obtained USD150 million from a pool mainly composed of American investors. With this new fundraising, the brand, which emerged from the Chinese digital ecosystem, is valued at USD4 billion. Has China finally found its first global beauty brand?
The Booming of International Beauty Device Market October 12, 2020
With the news of Clarisonic, a beauty device brand owned by L'Oreal announced in July that it was closing down, it's business in a decade, it seems a relevant moment for Mintel experts in the beauty industry from across the globe to talk about the beauty device category.
Fragrance performance leads recovery in UK prestige beauty market September 30, 2020
According to the NPD Group, fragrance sales are leading the recovery in the UK prestige beauty market. The prestige fragrance market reported sales of £1.3 billion in 2019 and post-lockdown, since the reopening of non-essential retail stores, fragrance has recovered the fastest of all prestige beauty categories.
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