6 Trends to Watch in Beauty Formulation April 13, 2021
No longer are consumers concerned about beauty for the sake of it: Today, it’s beauty for the sake of their individual selves.
How Sustainability is Driving Packaging Innovation in the Beauty Industry March 30, 2021
Did you know that 8 million metric tons of plastic waste flow into the ocean each year? If we don't do something now, plastic will outweigh all of the fish in the sea by 2050.
Advanced Digital Marketing of DTC Cosmetics and Personal Care Brand in China March 24, 2021
Since 2002, when there was the SARS epidemic, Chinese consumers have lived to digital first lifestyle. With the ongoing impact of the pandemic, digital marketing is going forward and is believed to persist in the post-Covid era.
The retail transformation of Chinese beauty market March 18, 2021
Since late 2020, affordable beauty collection shops in China present growth trend. The freshmen track is full of variety of brands: some taking complete varieties as the core, some good at deep experience , some attracting consumers to shop, and others a blue blood, hatching in senior retail chain enterprises.
The Digitization of Native Cosmetics and Personal Care Brands March 17, 2021
We all know that Covid-19 has undeniably been one of the major factors involved in the digitization of the direct-to-consumer cosmetics and personal care industry. The evolution has enabled digitally native cosmetics and personal care brands to win significant market share.
How buyers are changing beauty retail in China March 16, 2021
The dynamism of China’s beauty retail sector is being driven by a new kind of buyer who is responding to the digital explosion and the unpredictability of a new generation of consumers.
The Chinese Men Cosmetics Market is Getting Polarized March 4, 2021
The physical appearance of male ambassadors and influencers recruited by beauty brands in China earned them the name of xiaoxianrou (小鲜肉) on the web: ‘little fresh meat’, literally. For example, the Florasis brand (花西子) chose soprano singer Zhou Shen to embody their makeup range inspired from oriental traditions. And influencer Li Jiaqi was nicknamed ‘lipstick queen’ by the Chinese media.
Chinese new interest in niche Western beauty February 4, 2021
Individualism and a need for newness is powering Chinese consumers allure for niche beauty.
The biggest beauty trends set to impact the US market in 2021 February 11, 2021
As 2020 was full of ‘lockdown’, ‘social distancing’, ’mask mandate’, it’s definitely a tough year. The beauty industry has been resilient in the past. Could this crisis change the beauty world and have a different outcome?
Top 5 trends impacting the APAC beauty market in 2021 February 10, 2021
With a raging global pandemic, 2020 changed nearly every facet of our lives, and not even our beauty routines were immune to its effects. As we head into 2021, many of the trends we saw emerge in 2020 appear here to stay, and still others remain on the horizon, especially as the world hopefully returns to some glimmer of pre-pandemic normalcy.
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