Chinese new interest in niche Western beauty February 4, 2021
Individualism and a need for newness is powering Chinese consumers allure for niche beauty.
The biggest beauty trends set to impact the US market in 2021 February 11, 2021
As 2020 was full of ‘lockdown’, ‘social distancing’, ’mask mandate’, it’s definitely a tough year. The beauty industry has been resilient in the past. Could this crisis change the beauty world and have a different outcome?
Top 5 trends impacting the APAC beauty market in 2021 February 10, 2021
With a raging global pandemic, 2020 changed nearly every facet of our lives, and not even our beauty routines were immune to its effects. As we head into 2021, many of the trends we saw emerge in 2020 appear here to stay, and still others remain on the horizon, especially as the world hopefully returns to some glimmer of pre-pandemic normalcy.
Top five chic trends to watch in the EMEA beauty market in 2021 February 9, 2021
2020 was certainly a turbulent year. The Covid-19 pandemic creates healthy, economic and social hardships for both industry and consumers’ life, and this pandemic is going to significantly shape the beauty market in 2021 as well, leading to innovation and ideas in beauty sector. Cosmetics Design forecasted global beauty trends in 2021.
Cutting-edge beauty tech to watch in CES 2021 February 2, 2021
Can you imagine life like this? Standing in front of the mirror, it will automatically provide you recommendations on makeup, lipstick and wear for today; when you’re back home, AI will remind you which kind of skin care products should be used to end a busy day?
Global survey -- 2021 brings optimism in most countries worldwide January 13, 2021
It feels like everyone was eagerly awaiting this new year — which, for some, was a long time coming — but will 2021 really be any better than 2020? So think many people in countries all around the world, who have high hopes for 2021. In fact, the majority are optimistic that this year will be more positive than 2020... so long as the effects of the global pandemic subside.
Can blockchain solve trust issues of the beauty industry January 8, 2021
An urgent new focus for the beauty industry is transparency. It’s harder to demonstrate to the consumer than it might sound. Amid growing scrutiny, beauty brands are turning to blockchain to help boost consumer confidence.
Halal Cosmetics - the Latest Buzzword in Beauty Industry December 30, 2020
Halal cosmetics have witnessed significant adoption among the Muslim consumers owing to the increased demand for personal grooming and trending beauty products that adhere to religious loyalties. The growth of the global halal cosmetics market is driven by rise in Muslim population, development of the halal market, and increase in compliance of halal certification.
Sustainable Skincare in 2021 and Beyond December 29, 2020
Sustainability in beauty is increasingly becoming a consumer priority across the globe, with many choosing to buy fewer plastic products and expecting brands to make their products more sustainable – and this has been emphasised by the pandemic. This expectation is pushing beauty brands towards new sustainable innovations, such as waterless beauty, upcycling, carbon neutrality and reusable or refillable packaging solutions. Looking at recent innovations from around the world, we explore what sus
Beauty and personal care -- when will the healthy glow return December 25, 2020
Compared to FMCG sales overall, beauty and personal care has suffered in 2020. But with some signs of recovery, how long will it be until the sector is once again leading the way?
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