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Facial masks

MOQ: 100 Set
Model Number: <5×30ML
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Mine More Energy mask
Net content: 5 x 30ml
Product efficacy:Suitable for daily use of any skin, adding AREAUMAT PERPETUA of French CODIF company, raw material name: Italy La chrysanthemum (HELICHRYSUM ITALICUM) extract, patent number: FR2868307,combined with 3M3.WHITERIS G of French CODIF company, raw material name: Hydrolyzed algae extract, patent number: FR2893251,increasing skin elasticity To keep skin moist and tender and moist.

Mine More Wonderland Memory Mask
Net content: 30ml
Product efficacy:It is added with the LIQUIRTINA from the VEVY EUROPE Company in Italy. Name of raw material: GLYCYRRHIZA GLABRA EXTRACT. Patent No. FR 2903015. It is also added with the Phytospherix from MIREXUS Company in Canada. Name of raw material: Glycogen. Patent No. EP 1332149-1。 It can improve dark and yellow skin, evenly brighten skin tone, and make it clear. It can also make your skin delicate and clear, and bloom the original luster.

Mine More UV Mask
Net content: 5 x 30ml
Product efficacy:The product is added with COFFE EXTRACT CYCLOSYSTEM COMPLEX of Italian company I. R. A, and the raw material is coffee (COFFEA ARABICA) EXTRACT. Pink Pepperslim of CODIF, Fr ance, made with SCHINUS TEREBINTHIFOLIUS seed extract. HYDROFILTRAT MENYANTHE SG of CODIF, France. And Curepassion passion from ICHIMARU, Japan. Ingredient: PASSIFL ORA EDULIS extract, patent no. : JP 2011-201341. Rich in the essence of multiple nutrients, it can lift, tighten and repair the skin. Tender and firm the v-face can also improve the skin p ermeability. The essence infiltrates into the bottom layer to moisturize and repair the skin.
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