White Ceramic Bit For Electric Nail Files To Remove Nail Polish
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White Ceramic Bit For Electric Nail Files To Remove Nail Polish

MOQ: 50000 Piece
Price: $0.99 - $1.29
Model Number: 2XF F M C XC 2XC 3XC 4XC
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Make Doing Acrylic Filing Faster and Easier

1. Don’t Heat Up in the Same Manner As Other Bits
2. Shave off Nails Smoother Than Metal Bits
3. Good Antibacterial Activity
4. Easy to be inserted into the nail drill machine, and the shank doesn’t scrape against the machine.


Different Grit for Different Use

1. The grinding strength and speed are determent by the flutes on the bit, dip and large flutes give you coarse grit, and smaller flutes commonly indicate a finer bit.
2. The finer grit bits are ideal for base coat removing, smooth out the top of artificial nails, or cuticle curves cleaning; the coarser grit bits are great for thinning down hard gels, removing gel topcoat,acrylics,dipping powder and extension nails.

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30 days

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