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A Good Manufacturer Is What Counts for Hair Care Business
September 2, 2021
It is not easy to start up a hair care business and make it grow and thrive. You have to do a lot of things: create a product line, find right formula, conduct product test, select package and design…all of these are tough jobs. But a good hair care manufacturer will make it easy for you to begin a business.
To Stand Out A Right Dispenser Is Key
September 1, 2021
Brands seek to level up their packaging through dispensing systems that stand out both aesthetically and functionally. While, suppliers are innovating their dispensing solutions. Somewang is such a supplier that strives to meet the increasing demands of brands.
Chinese Stable, Flexible Supply Activates Global Supply Chain
August 31, 2021
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, global economic activities have cooled—investor panic grows and consumer confidence falls. Short-term measures in response to the outbreak, such as, border restrictions and lockdowns, have slowed the free flow of talents, goods, and technology. Inevitably, nearly all sectors, including services and manufacturing have suffered a lot. In particular, global international trade and supply chain fluctuation show a downward trend.
Covid-19 Reshapes Perfume-user Relationship What Does It Mean to Perfume Packaging
August 26, 2021
Covid-19 pandemic nearly hits all industries hard, but perfume industry maybe an exception. NPD Group indicates, fragrance sales increased by 45% in the first quarter of 2021 on year-on-year basis; by contrast, the sales were only up 27% during the same timeframe in 2019. Behind the skyrocketing sales, one big reason may be consumers seek a sort of spiritual solace through perfume.
Why Makeup Stick Format Prevails
August 25, 2021
What does a makeup stick look like? A smaller makeup stick just looks like a lip balm. But a bigger one looks like a deodorant. Actually, beauty sticks are not new. The first format could date back to 1940s when the first Pan-Stik Makeup came out.
GreenYard Introduces A Fully Recyclable Mono-material Pump on Cosmoprof Las Vegas
August 24, 2021
Since the outbreak in 2019, more attention has been paid to sustainability. Beauty giants have announced their commitment to carbon emission reduction. For example, L'oreal has renewed its sustainability target and announced that 50% of its packaging materials will come from either recycled or bio-based sources by 2025 and the figure will hit 100% by 2030.
Beauty Dispensing System Right Choice for Better Functionality
August 19, 2021
There is a wide variety of dispensing systems available for brands in the market. Only the right choice will maximize the functionality and turn sustainable philosophy into reality.
Passen Pack Is Cleaning up Beauty Industry through Plastic-free Packaging
August 18, 2021
Sustainability in beauty industry is becoming increasingly important. A survey indicates that 120 billion units of packaging are produced each year across the globe with only much smaller proportion can be recycled. This means there is a large amount of plastic waste in beauty industry every year. Today, with consumers'growing green demands and global regulation, brands need to be sustainable players and reduce the amount of plastic waste when manufacturing packaging.
Three Factors to Consider When Choosing A Nail Drill
August 17, 2021
A nail drill is the best buddy of a professional nail technician. As a nail maintenance tool, it is used to shape nails to an aesthetically pleasing length and width. Its rotating bits also help remove dead skins, cuticles, calluses and ingrown nails. With a nail drill, you will have a perfect manicure in a comfortable and efficient manner.
Design of Perfume Bottle Packaging Matters A Lot
August 12, 2021
Today, in the cosmetics sector, the marketing impact of packaging has reached 92%, an increase of 10%. This means that packaging design is of big importance in the perfume industry. Actually, the proportion of packaging design will be strengthened in the future along with the market growth. If perfume brand owners want to remain competitive in the market, they must consider innovative packaging to capture more market share.
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