Wholesale makeup & cosmetics on the beauty marketplace Beauty Sourcing

Beauty Sourcing – it refers to an online b2b beauty marketplace where beauty suppliers, manufacturers, and customer firms get together on the platform for beauty products trading. It enables buyers to get access to multiple suppliers on one platform, allows for direct manufacturer sourcing, and creates an online-to-offline sourcing experience.

Wholesale Beauty and Cosmetics on the Marketplace Beauty Sourcing

Speaking of online wholesale makeup, what platforms have come to your mind? Alibaba or Global Sources? In fact, you could have a better choice - Beauty Sourcing.

Beauty Sourcing is a professional website dedicated to wholesale makeup. The range of presented products covers nearly all categories of cosmetics:

  • eyes;
  • lashes,
  • brow;
  • lips;
  • perfume;
  • hair;
  • skincare;
  • etc.- as well as other beauty accessories.

We are working to help connect you, your products, and companies to full-service premium manufacturers. We have weaved this into the cultural fabric of our organization, as evidenced in our purpose and mission.

At BeautySourcing.com, we share a common purpose: to make wholesale beauty products from suppliers and manufacturers much smoother and easier! We do what we say!

So far, we have made some progress and made a contribution to the global beauty supply chain, especially at a time when global beauty supplies are disrupted by lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To make this happen, we select beauty suppliers through strict qualification examination, offer a complete range of products, upgrade our systems, enhance the bargain experience and help to ensure high quality at affordable prices. Ultimately, we aim to be the best place to buy wholesale cosmetics!

Here are some key facts that you need to know about BeautySourcing.com:

  • Immersing in the beauty supply market for more than 10 years
  • Building a supply network of 2,253 total suppliers with 29,005 products
  • The rich experience gained from more than 50 global beauty events
  • Serving almost 1,000 professional buyers
  • Our cosmetics suppliers deliver to the USA, Canada, Australia, North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Wholesale Beauty Supply from Manufacturers and Distributors

As an old Chinese saying goes, a good beginning almost ensures success. To do a good cosmetics business, it is a good start to buy quality products from the manufacturer directly or large wholesale companies that can offer a reasonable price for cosmetics. Certainly, you can always buy wholesale makeup to sell from makeup vendors, agents, dealers, retailers, or traders. But in some cases, you may find that you only have a small profit margin. Or maybe you feel upset about the substandard products.

As for the reason, you may not get the biggest discounted prices, or too many intermediate links-from placing orders to shipping, warehouse, delivery to selling at the beauty market-cost you too much time and money. Poor quality can also increase your customer's maintenance costs.

If such things are worrying you, it is lucky for you b2b beauty platform Beauty Sourcing will help with your cosmetic supplies wholesale.

We cooperate with a strong network of factories with solid manufacturing capacity and R&D capabilities. They also have professional quality control personnel and talented designers. That means your products may have an aesthetic sense and function well. Importantly, they are inexpensive!

On the site, Beauty Sourcing is a separate alliance of suppliers - a list of manufacturers and distributors of premium products, which are the best-qualified cosmetics manufacturers, whose products you can order online and offline.

The site shows:

  1. the verified suppliers;
  2. well-known manufacturing brands;
  3. company's nooneymi, which also produces high-quality certificated products.

For these manufacturers, both OEM and ODM services are available. That means customers can use the production capacity of producers to produce cosmetics under their brands. Besides, they can also ask factories to design and manufacture bulk cosmetics based on their customization requirements. This depends on the practical demands of customers.

What Products Are Posted on Our Site

At www.beautysourcing.com, we can offer a professional line for stylists and beauticians and products for home use. Whether you run cosmetic stores or makeup stores or you want bulk beauty supplies for salons, you can rely on us. Or if your customer groups want to save the troubles of going to salons, we can also provide some at-home beauty devices for their skincare, body care or hair care demands.

Many people believe that high-quality products at affordable or favorable prices are impossible. But it is true on BeautySourcing.com. Our partner suppliers mainly come from the beauty industry has formed a mature, stable supply chain ecosystem. We choose the factories with big size and strong capacity among numerous suppliers there and then select quality products in a strict manner from them.

So, we only post premium quality products on our site. All of them are made from top-grade raw materials. Products posted on our platform look not only beautiful but also effective, safe, and responsible as we focus on health and wellness products. All of them are of good quality and made in line with all standards, as evidenced by the manufacturers' certificates. So, whether you are luxury & prestige brands or mass-market brands, products on our site can always satisfy you.

Moreover, all our products are in the medium and low price segment. Because beauty product suppliers are factories and can offer the biggest discounts. This avoids the costs charged by resellers. At the same time, as customers can get access to many vendors for wholesale makeup supplies, they are able to compare the price for the same or similar products to get the cheapest one.

On the site, we offer a wide range of categories of cosmetics or accessories. Here is a simple list:

Actually under each category, there are more items than are listed.

At Beauty Sourcing, we are never satisfied with what we have achieved as we want to do more to facilitate buyers for makeup. For this reason, we are working to constantly grow and evolve the product and wholesale beauty supply distributors' ranges. At the same time, we are working to add more products to each category so as to offer more choices.

We are confident that as our site covers as many beauty categories as possible, we will be part of your success stories.

Why You Should Turn to Beauty Sourcing

What makes Beauty Sourcing stand out among other rivals and be your best choice? We have some competitive advantages over our counterparts, as shown in the below list:

  • Providing 24/7/365 online solutions
  • Enabling cosmetic supplies wholesale directly from premium manufacturers
  • Global vision and region-specific trend observation as a result of rich experiences in global beauty event participation
  • Vertical b2b supply chain platform dedicated to the beauty industry for over 10 years
  • Connecting both online product preview and offline sample experience
  • Integrating a new procurement system to facilitate sourcing through toolkit – RFI, RFQ, and RFP
  • Suppliers are screen through strict credential examination and field visit
  • Accurate recommendation of trending products, new arrivals or creative solutions.

Price is critical for all deals. We are deeply aware of this, especially in a tough time. For this reason, on www.beautysourcing.com, we could offer customers the opportunity to buy goods from wholesale makeup vendors at the best price. We make it possible by offering multiple qualified vendors for price comparison, avoiding the costs charged by middlemen, such as retailers, dealers, agents or traders and helping with directing purchase from factories.
We wish you an outstanding shopping experience with Beauty Sourcing!

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