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5000+suppliers are registered and 200,000+ products across 100 worldwide beauty trade events and beyond are displayed on the platform. Choose the event, supplier or product and start making connection. BeautySourcing Keeps you updated with the information of any product of beauty supply chain, help you find the right supplier and stay connected.
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Bringing the latest news, innovation and expertise to beauty professionals, Beauty Sourcing Industry Insights is a content platform dedicates to elevating thought leadership in the Beauty industry, showcasing the latest developments in technology and market trends.
a virtual, 5-day beauty expo running from 9-13 Nove m-ber 2020, will be an innovative digital platform offering companies and professionals a vehicle to continue business, view products, meet clients and poential customers, and stay up to date on beauty trends and technology in 2020.
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What a difference a few months made. From Beauty riding high in late 2019 to the severe repercussions brought on in 2020 due to the global pandemic and perhaps, most notably industry-wise, brick-and-mortar and travel retail closures—Top 20 along with many beauty brands, relied on quick and nimble thinking and new products (including huge amounts of hand sanitizer and PPE) to weather the unprecedented storm.
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