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2023 InterCHARM Moscow

Brace yourselves for an extraordinary expedition at 2023 InterCHARM, taking place in Moscow from October 25th to 28th.  We're thrilled to unveil a world of captivating prospects.  From groundbreaking beauty gadgets to state-of-the-art packaging solutions, our in-person exhibit guarantees to leave you in awe.  Immerse yourself in the products, indulge in their quality, and witness firsthand how they can elevate your business.  Our commitment to your success knows no bounds, which is why we have created a platform that transcends the confines of the traditional offline experience.  Through BeautySourcing's online browsing feature, effortlessly explore a myriad of products, uncover emerging brands, and make well-informed decisions from the comfort of your own space.  It's akin to having an entire beauty expo at your fingertips!

2023 beautyworld Middle East

Beautyworld Middle East – the region’s largest international trade fair for beauty, hair, fragrance and wellbeing – brought a three-day successful run at the Dubai World Trade Centre, as the regional and international beauty industry comes together to discover new trends, technologies and business opportunities.

2023 Beauty Istanbul

BeautySourcing is thrilled to announce its participation in the 2023 BEAUTYISTANBUL, scheduled from September 27th to 29th. At this prestigious event, BeautySourcing will be accompanied by a team of top-tier suppliers from various beauty sectors, including Yidingcheng, who will showcase their latest environmentally friendly and long-lasting nail gel technology. With an extensive directory of beauty supply items sourced from premium manufacturers, we establish connections between suppliers, distributors, retailers, and overseas importers. Our platform serves as a bridge, linking these industry players through online markets and offline participation in global beauty trade shows. Join us at BEAUTYISTANBUL to discover the forefront of beauty innovation and connect with leading suppliers. Experience the cutting-edge advancements in the industry and explore the latest trends in sustainable beauty. BeautySourcing is your gateway to the future of beauty. Don't miss out on this remarkable opportunity!  

2023 Cosmobeaute Malaysia

As the largest and longest-running beauty trade shows in Malaysia, Beautyexpo & Cosmobeauté Malaysia is consistently passionate about contributing to the regional and local market by being the all-in-one business avenue featuring various sectors with the most extensive line-up of disruptive brands from around the world.   Our show focuses on the forefront of beauty, highlighting innovative products with cutting-edge technology while advocating for a more sustainable beauty market in the new normal.


Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN represents the ASEAN destination of the Cosmoprof network, a 360° worldwide platform for the international beauty community, with shows in Bologna, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Mumbai and Miami which all together involve over 500,000 professionals and 10,000 exhibitors from all over the world.

2023 InterCHARM Korea

InterCHARM Korea is one of Korea's biggest exhibitions in the beauty industry. This event comes up with a comprehensive range and variety of equipment, products, and services related to skincare and cosmetics manufacturing process. As a top trade fair for the Korean beauty market, InterCHARM Korea leads the way in showcasing the latest trends and new technologies coming out of the beauty industry. It exhibits Cosmetic/Makeup, Aesthetic/Spa, Hair/scalp/Wig, Nail/Lashes, Organic/Health, etc.

2023 Beauty Expo Australia

Beauty Expo Australia is the country’s largest gathering of beauty brands, suppliers and professionals. Be inspired with this unparalleled opportunity for connection and inspiration with a community of like-minded professionals. With the whole industry at your fingertips, discover and experience over 200 leading brands and products, world class education, live demonstrations and competitions across one wonderful weekend.

2023 Cosmobeauté Vietnam

BeautySourcing will be joining 2023 Cosmobeaute Vietnam, scheduled from July 27th to 29th. As a leading B2B+O2O beauty supply chain platform, we offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date selection of beauty products from premium manufacturers in China and other regions. Through our online marketplace and global beauty trade shows, we connect suppliers with beauty professionals worldwide. At Cosmobeaute Vietnam, BeautySourcing will be accompanied by a carefully curated team of suppliers, including Anewcos, who will unveil their latest water-free sunscreen liquid foundation. Leveraging our online-to-offline sourcing advantage, we provide attendees with the opportunity to explore a new model of sourcing. Prior to the event, you can browse the showcased products and schedule meetings on our website. During the event, you'll have the chance to experience the quality of the products firsthand. Join us at Cosmobeaute Vietnam to explore new beauty trends and establish connections with top suppliers. Let BeautySourcing be your gateway to success!  

Cosmohome Tech India

Join us at Cosmo Tech India 2023 to witness firsthand the transformative power of BeautySourcing, where the convergence of online convenience and offline interactions brings you endless possibilities for growth and success. We will showcase an exclusive range of premium packaging products from Uzone. Stay tuned for updates and get ready to be captivated by the artistry and functionality of their products. As a B2B platform that seamlessly integrates online and offline channels, BeautySourcing excited to offer you an unparalleled experience. Before the exhibition begins, you can get a head start on your procurement journey by accessing a preview of the showcased products. Explore the products, read detailed descriptions, and even bookmark your favorites to streamline your purchasing decisions. After the exhibition concludes, you can revisit the event on our website. Browse through the exhibited products, refresh your memory, and even place orders for the items that caught your eye. This seamless integration of the offline and online worlds ensures a seamless procurement experience for you, even beyond the exhibition's conclusion. Get ready to embark on a new era of procurement as we redefine the way you source beauty products!

2023 Cosmoprof North America

BeautySourcing is excited to announce its participation in Cosmoprof Las Vegas, taking place from July 11-13th. As a leading platform connecting beauty industry professionals with suppliers worldwide, BeautySourcing will bring a curated selection of suppliers to provide turnkey services for the supply side at the event. Leveraging our online-to-offline sourcing advantage, we will showcase a wide range of products and suppliers as below, offering attendees the opportunity to explore and schedule meetings in advance. Get ready to discover new beauty trends and connect with top suppliers at Cosmoprof Las Vegas with BeautySourcing.

2023 CosmeticBusiness in Munich

CosmeticBusiness is a unique source of new cosmetic product ideas, pooling the entire network to efficiently conceptualise and implement them. As the only international trade fair, it exclusively brings together cosmetics companies with all suppliers involved in the development, production, packaging and marketing of the entire cosmetics product portfolio every year in Germany, the largest cosmetics market in Europe. It is an indispensable mood and trend barometer for decision-makers in the industry.

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2023 Central Asia Beauty Expo

Central Asia beauty Expo is the biggest beauty and cosmetics event in whole Central Asia, that  gather under one roof producers from whole world and connect them  with all big dealers of cosmetics from whole Central Asia.

Visiting trade shows is more than just an excuse for a day out. Exhibitions, seminars, and workshops recommended by the top-gun bulk platforms help your business grow and thrive. Although attending cosmetic events might seem cumbersome in terms of effort and financial outlay, considerate and timely preparation provides spin-off benefits from the visit.

Makeup shows and beauty events on the Beauty Sourcing marketplace

The overwhelming number of fashion and beauty exhibitions may strike you with dismay. The Beauty Sourcing marketplace keeps you informed of the top cosmetics and beauty shows in the USA and other countries – make reservations and chill out! Focus on the most favorable conventions, boost sales, or arrange wholesale makeup & cosmetics supplies.
As a leading b2b platform, we monitor high-end expos representing the latest innovations and upcoming trends. Our team sets up engaging body, hair, and skincare events to encourage networking and highlight the top-tier fairs of the world. Here are the top 10 beauty and wellness shows in America that should be on your calendar:

  1. Cosmoprof;
  2. International Beauty Show;
  3. Premiere Orlando;
  4. The Makeup Show;
  5. Beautycon;
  6. Face & Body;
  7. IMATS;
  8. iSpa;
  9. IECS;
  10. SupplySide West.

Geography and potential

Taking part in key cosmetic exhibitions in your neighborhood makes a fine start, yet a budding enterprise should consider worldwide expansion. If you have branches far from the United States, visit the most important expositions in the areas of your interest. In addition to North American expos, our database includes headline fairs hosted on other continents:

  • Europe;
  • Asia;
  • Africa;
  • Australia;
  • Latin America.

How beauty expos help your business thrive

Joining a top-rank beauty convention provides invaluable face-to-face market and customer research. First-hand insights into the target audience, competition pressure, and growth prospects make a valuable update to reading product reviews. Careful planning and time management account for multiple benefits from expo activities.

Personal brand representation

Booming virtual markets and SMM tools cannot substitute personal communication in cosmetics and spa services. One-on-one interaction by the stall proves more persuasive than creating a Facebook page or pouring tons of money into glossy stories for Instagram. By visiting makeup and hair shows, entrepreneurs claim their ambitions and work out their competitive strengths.

In-depth self-learning frames full-fledged marketing and adequate positioning. After watching the competitors’ strategies in the field, you are sure to find your ideal niche and stand out from the crowd. Live consumer feedback maps out possible ways to perfection:

  • upgraded care and perfume formulas;
  • top-scale tools and facilities;
  • sophisticated services;
  • appealing interior;
  • ingenuous branding etc.

Competing for a fancy portfolio

Pro competitions make up a star turn at make up trade shows. Entering a contest paints you as an artful stylist or a skilled makeup artist. Low admission fees mitigate the risks and encourage estheticians to have a go.

Regardless of the place you take, competing experience brings a lot of lessons to learn. Even if you are on a losing streak, you can borrow advanced practices from fast-paced colleagues and put matters right. Successful showcases set the best value for self-promotion:

  1. Award-winning salons enjoy a notable increase in turnover, and freelance beauticians get posh job offers from acknowledged employers.
  2. Competing achievements enhance motivation and team spirit. Once honored for the best event makeup or a luxury style, you have to keep standards high and live up to the public expectations.
  3. One more feather in your cap – the long list of awards attracts regular customers and adds value to your exclusive hairdressing or perfect nail art.

Favorable deals and economical purchases

When flagship manufacturers gather under one roof, buyers are in a strong negotiating position. Checking out the competition indicates whether you are stocking the right brands. Within less than a week, you can boost confidence in your suppliers or decide on swapping the distributor. Here are some life hacks for juicy grabs:

  1. Ask for an exposition deal if you plan to buy costly salon equipment or a pricey haircare kit. Even if there is no advertising, most exhibitors would be happy to sign you up on the stand and are open to concessions.
  2. Compare features and pricing of different vendors before the makeup event opens. Freebies, discounts, and special offers are a great delight, but if you are looking for steady partners, pay heed to the company's operating sales policy.
  3. Check out smaller stands of new brands. Startups propose innovative products at lower prices.

Networking opportunities

Buyers fix appointments with supplying companies at the cosmetology trade show to get free samples of beauty products from the bulk cosmetics catalog at beautysourcing.com. Accredited wholesalers present the latest elaborations and cutting-edge equipment. Informal communication on the go forges working relationships and gainful unions with distributors.

Solid partnerships and close links ensure smooth admission to the pro community and the jet set club. Exposition frequenters are more successful in getting endorsed by VIP customers from the cream of society and rape the fruit of fame. Business association members can count on all-round support:

  • assisted fundraising;
  • positive media exposure;
  • legal aid.

Socializing improves your soft skills required for consistent sales and intelligent management. Both influential organizations and small indie brands deserve attention. One never knows what acquaintances would pan out!

Knowledge is power

The vast scope of educational activities puts you ahead of the mainstream industry. A timely introduction to the upfront treatments and pioneering practices helps launch new services and push you forward. Select the most convenient formats to expand your horizons:

  • At the conferences, top-rank manufacturers and entrepreneurs report on their inventions and elaborations, share headmost experiences, or discuss upcoming trends.
  • Choose a theme seminar or a practical workshop to shed light on specific issues like permanent makeup or slimming procedures.
  • Demos and presentations focus on testing edgy product kits and front-rank machinery.

Hosting and speaking at educational events is an asset to your professional image as a top-notch hairstylist or a prime body esthetician. The invited experts eagerly seize the occasion to advertise their products and services to target users.

Why register in advance?

The opening days at esthetic trade shows are full of buzz, but you can stay away from the turmoil and pre-register online. It also makes sense to tick the educational sessions you want to attend and sign in beforehand, for these events are extremely popular. Pre-registering also means skipping queues and proper time allocation for fruitful meetings.

With some months left, you can get discounted tickets or even register for free as a pro makeup designer, hairdresser, or body esthetician. When dealing on www.beautysourcing.com, spare time to check the news or subscribe to the newsletter. The detailed email notification contains essential information on the forthcoming events:

  • time and location;
  • exhibitor lists;
  • educational and fun programs;
  • registration terms;
  • sponsorship and organizers.

Stay in touch, and you won’t miss the most impactful expositions in every corner of the world. If you are well-prepared and ahead of the game, trade events are great fun and a well of unfailing enthusiasm and inspiration. Have a good time, and hit the jackpot!

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