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Discovering reliable suppliers has never been this easy!
Take Advantage of the BeautySourcing marketplace - A one-stop sourcing solution for both the manufacturers and the buyers!
Buyers can interface with Multiple Manufacturers and purchase multiple SKUs as seamlessly as possible.
Fast, Premium Manufacturer Direct Source that translates into measurable savings and value.
A complete Online - To - Offline Experience that will expedite your search. You can get a feel for the true sample quality during the trade show we are participating in before reaching out to them through our online display.
Leveraging digital information Accelerate Innovation, can speed of effiency of market development and win a greater market share.
Discovering reliable suppliers has never been this easy!
BeautySourcing.com is the first one-stop O2O sourcing trade platform connect with offlineshow sample display for the entire beauty supply chain to connect. The platform offer a complete range of suppliers through out the beauty supply chain from ingredient, machinery, packaging, OEM/ODM for cosmetic, hair, nail, beauty equipment.
We aim to promote the global international beauty trade show networking development and support internationally recognized sourcing platform their sustainable use and provide an amazing online to offline sourcing advantage in beauty industry
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2,284 Suppliers

25,000 Active buyers

29,661 Total products

50+ Offline Event

Offline Events Review

2019 BeautySourcing founded in Shanghai, China. The company provides BTB sales service via online web portal and offline beauty tradeshow.

2020 BeautySourcing launched a continuously online seminar to guide beauty insiders to better understand the industry during the Covid-19 pandemic.

2021 BeautySourcing makes its first step to offline beauty trade show at Cosmoprof LasVegas 2021

2022 Recognizing the need to improve the effectiveness of supplier-buyer matchmaking throughout the supply chain. BeautySourcing showcased samples from premium suppliers at worldwide beauty trade shows including interCHARM Russia, beauty Istanbul, Beauty & Top hair Duesseldorf and beautyworld Middle East this year.

2023 BeautySourcing is on the way to the worldwide beauty trade shows including Professional Beauty London, Beauty & Top Hair Duesseldorf and more...

Meet the Team:
We have a team of ambitious, world-class individuals pushing our business forward.
Tony Tong, Founder of BeautySourcing
Since 2019, I started to build up BeautySourcing, an innovative business platform aiming to boost beauty business in a new normal. We provide customers more direct, transparent and comprehensive service to sourcing cosmetic suppliers Through online connect transfer to worldwide off trade show meeting, BeautySourcing members have more access to the latest market trends and stand a better position of securing global collaborations.
Selena Li, Co Founder of BeautySourcing
Selena Li has 15 years of industry development expertise in Asia through exhibitions/conference/events. She is the co founder of BeautySourcing, an online to offline marketplace provide information and connectivity to a community of over 10,000 professionals who source and sell the latest beauty supply-side products across the world.
Van Fan, EU Office Director
Van joined the BeautySourcing in June of 2020 as EU Office Manager. With over 30 years of experience in both the private and the public sector, Van enjoys the challenges and rewards that come with the daily operations of an office. From planning annual tradeshow plan to managing operations of BeautySourcing’s buyer program, he is adept at wearing many hats and managing multiple stressors.
Bijun Wu, Brand Manager
Gifted with a sharp mind, Bijun is a veteran of creating and managing digital content to build relationships for organizations and individuals. She has five years of experience implementing effective strategies to increase brand awareness. Passionate about improving customer experience while upholding a company's brand reputation.
Ann Yan, Marketing Manager
Ann is the director of SEO and social media account manager in BeautySourcing. She has 50+ website operation experience and profound understanding of website marketing. She resides in Shanghai with her husband, one child.
Anna Chen, Operation Manager
The operations manager of BeautySourcing is responsible for the control and maintenance of data in the backend of the platform and is the master key of the platform.
Wei Lin, Graphic Designer
Wei Lin is a graphic designer with over 10 years of experience in graphic art and design. He is also well - versed in user interfaces and designing art for software applications. Wei Lin has written and designed major projects and led various advertisement campaigns in for BeautySourcing.

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