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D35mm Dual Chamber Tube for Eye Essence Packaging

MOQ: 10000 Piece
Price: $0.27 - $0.36
Model Number: AMY-850
Acquirable in Upcoming Events:
The D35mm Dual Chamber Tube for Eye Essence Packaging is a high-quality packaging solution for eye essence products. This tube features two chambers, which allows for the simultaneous packaging and dispensing of two different formulations. The tube has a diameter of 35mm and is made from durable and lightweight materials, ensuring that your product remains safe and secure during transport and use.

The dual chamber design of this tube enables the user to combine two complementary products, such as a moisturizer and serum, for a more effective skincare regimen. Additionally, the tube is easy to use and dispenses the product evenly and precisely, minimizing waste and ensuring that the user gets the most out of their purchase.

Overall, the D35mm Dual Chamber Tube for Eye Essence Packaging is an ideal packaging solution for businesses looking to enhance their eye essence product with a high-quality and functional packaging option.
Lead Time

30 days

Payment Types

T/TPayPalWestern Union


Main Export Markets

Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Middle America, North America

2,83 oz (85 ml, gram),3,33 oz (100 ml, gram),3 oz (90 ml, gram),1,67 oz (50 ml, gram),2,33 oz (70 ml, gram),2 oz (60 ml, gram),2,5 oz ( 75 ml / grams)
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