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MOQ: 10000 Piece
Model Number: Optional color: according to demand
Acquirable in Upcoming Events:
Clear roots, dazzling black and shiny: Dazzling black cream developed exclusively, the roots wrap the eyelashes and cover for a long time. ◇Slim and dense, beautiful eyelash formula: Each type of mascara is formulated with 3 times the beauty eyelash microparticles, and the eyelashes are instantly doubled and thickly curled. ◇Innovative lock formula: lock the curvature of the eyelashes, prevent sweat and oil, and the mascara will fly all day long. ◇Collagen waterproof membrane: unique waterproof formula, adding collagen, forming a protective film on the surface of the eyelashes, waterproofing, protection and nourishment simultaneously. ◇ No blooming, unloading in warm water: Newly developed formula, long-lasting makeup without blooming, easy makeup removal in warm water, simple and convenient!
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