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Chinese Solutions to New Packaging Trends Emerging From Luxe Pack Shanghai

Chinese Solutions to New Packaging Trends Emerging From Luxe Pack Shanghai

For brands, packaging is the embodiment and external extension of brand values. For customers, packaging gives them a visual experience of products, and communicates product information and attributes. If brands want to move up the value chain and attract customers, they must follow the latest trends of packaging else.


So, what are the latest trends of beauty packaging?


Beauty Sourcing finds Luxe Pack Shanghai has revealed the answers. Luxe Pack Shanghai, as the showcase leader in Luxury Packaging in Asia, brought together the packaging innovators across industries. It revealed luxury packaging trends and innovative solutions.

Here are some new cosmetics packaging trends emerging from Luxe Pack Shanghai and the solutions that Chinese packaging suppliers can offer.  


Hygiene Packaging

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are more aware of personal hygiene and safety issues. The touchless packaging can better meet the demands of customers today.


Ouxinmay Packaging, a Chinese producer dedicated to manufacturing plastic tubes, offered touchless packaging solutions—sponge blusher tubes. The superfine sponge applicator leaves any scrap behind,  effectively reducing bacterial growth.

Technology Application

Technology application empowers packaging upgrading and innovation.At the moment,the DuPontTM Surlyn®3D Overmolding technology is widely recognized around the world. Such technology allows unlimited design variation possibilities. It supports innovative makeup packaging design.


Autofill tubes is another example of high-tech application. Autofill technology can ensure the dose of use so as to ensure the best results.


In these respects, Chinese packaging suppliers think innovatively.


Prime Production developed a new technology on the overmolding of PC bottle and jar with DuPont™ Surlyn® resins. Based on such technology, packaging materials  feature transparent smooth appearance with amplifying effects.

For autofill tubes, Virospack S.L.U. takes the lead as it is recognized as the real autofill bulb dropper in the market. It offers innovative solutions to those who seek for packaging featured by accurate dosage control.

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability is not a buzzword. It is a defining trend. Consumers would like to enjoy the convenient and aesthetic packaging while minimizing the negative impact of packaging on the environment.


Chinese packaging suppliers seek to achieve this goal from different perspectives. Their options include adding green Nano to raw materials, and using biodegradable materials (for example, paper) or renewable materials (such as, sugar cane) as packaging materials to reduce the carbon footprint.


For example, the paper lipstick tube. It is common to see such packaging in western countries. But Chinese packaging suppliers have stricter control over packaging raw materials.


Guangzhou Yecai Paper Products Co., Ltd. uses 100% biodegradable, FSC-certified paper for packaging. Such packaging can meet the demands of diversified beauty makeup products based on its characteristics, such as, good sealing and water resistance.

Lisson Packaging is a superb example of eco-friendly suppliers who seek to balance their endeavors in economic growth, environmental protection and CSR fulfillment.  It uses 100%  sugar cane as its sources.

Other Chinese suppliers use 70% CaCo3+PP or mono PP material to reduce plastic waste and pollution. The CaCo3 comes from the nature and can ultimately go back there. Chinese packaging suppliers use such material to replace the polymer material plastic products, contributing a lot to the environmental protection.


Mono materials can increase the recycling capacity and consume less energy during the production. That is why Chinese packaging suppliers tend to introduce such sustainable solutions. 

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