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Insight on the Recent UK Prefessional Beauty Market

Insight on the Recent UK Prefessional Beauty Market
Last year, consumers reduced their purchases of non-essential items, leading many manufacturers in various industries to lower their purchasing budgets for this year. 
However, there was one clear exception: professional beauty products. At the PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY LONDON 2023 held on March 5th and 6th, we saw a constant stream of attendees making purchases with enthusiasm, that showed no signs of slowing down. Many exhibitors reported reaching their expected goals, with our observer at the BeautySourcing booth saying, "I saw many people present sign the intention agreement directly." 
There was a wide range of professional beauty products making a strong comeback, meanwhile, brands and newcomers had the latest trends and products launched and on show. Many Nail brands launched vibrant spring and summer series, appropriate for the seasons, such as Lecente's 8 new sweet pastel gel shades, Gelish and Bluesky UK Professionals' new collection for spring of 2023.
The Spa&Skincare sector was a highlight of the event, with most suppliers showcasing their innovative devices in the dedicated area. Attendees were excited to see the latest technology, such as 3D Aesthetics' advanced cutting-edge device that combines Microneedling & RF technology called "3D Dermaforce." The organizers also set up several special awards for this part, including "Boutique Spa of the Year," "Large Spa of the Year," and "Spa/Salon Team of the Year", to honor outstanding teams in promoting the recovery and development of the UK’s Spa industry in 2022. 
As a participant in the exhibition, BeautySourcing's booth welcomed nearly 200 visitors only in two days and our model was highly recognized by on-site buyers. The success of PBLONDON indicates a positive outlook for the UK’s professional beauty market in 2023. We will continue to work hard to bring cutting-edge information and achieve seamless connectivity between buyers and sellers and help traditional industries explore overseas markets. 
The next stop, BeautySourcing will be at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2023, March 16-20. 
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